Killing a vega cargo level 40, NO DAMAGE ***NOT CURRENTLY UPDATED***

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    this is outdated, u might consider to close this thread, its of no use anymore.
    I understand. However I will be updating this guide with a new video tutorial sometime before the end of the week (Will probably update it during the weekend)

    MY ID (on War Commander): 275 | level 36
    MY ID (on Battle Pirates): 363446 | level 30
    MY ID (on Backyard Monsters): 5250499 | level 47
    Sectors traveled in WC: 39-179-144-254-143-409-2-179-58-100-157
    MY PC SPEED <--- Download 104.39 <--- Upload 41.60 <--- Ping 7
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    Erm .. delete this pls. Just found out that I was wrong.
    I really need to learn Russian. I want to be able to go like "Destroyska, Destroyska, Kabumschk!"
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    this don't work any more since the update wot now

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    RED DWARF said:
    this don't work any more since the update wot now

    Force will update this later and it says outdated in the name of the thread.
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