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 I would also like to know if there are any future plans on changing the range and speed of some of the base weapons since the nurf with the torps i am seeing bases that cant be fully cracked cant get in and get a cargo load but usually is very expensive on the mineral oar something needs to change to balance  the base defense with the ships range and weapons damage.  how about some kind of meteorite nominally equal to a blue print in battle pirates that would add haul weight, or different hauls, increase weapons and or different weapons, increase armor weight and strength, something anything would help this game out but just my 2 cents.  
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    If they nerf the Plasma Torp for defense things will be balanced. I can handle a base with a few Plasma Chargers and Polarons using tanked up Rancors. So I imagine that having Venoms would be even easier. But Plasma Torps on defense are very overpowered for how early you can get them.
    I don't play much anymore =(
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