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Why is the \ character considered spam?  I hit it during comms chatter and was asked to not spam comms.

If I hit \ to many times will I get banned from comms?
If I type \\ will two large women show up at my door to humiliate and emasculate me with insults and dehumanizing gestures?

Really \ and a banned character.
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    Report it as a bug. We all know the comms system needs some work.

    I don't notice as much because reading comms in some sectors makes me want to put an icepick through my skull to get the stupid out.

    Forum banned by a hypocrite at Kixeye.

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    lol Ascension I likee when it tell me quit spamming chat due to I lol and try to do it again you can't till about 5 min later hahaha 
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    I have try the // 3 times..... No large women have shown up yet. Going to keep trying.
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