VEGA effects should be used simulare in BP

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I been testing VEGA for a while now and some of the futures there i wish we had in BP also.

1. The backgrounds effects in VEGA is so awesome i could listen to it all day (no music) vs the background music in Battle Pirates that makes me wanna kill my self.  

Work on background effects/music in BP KIXEYE

2. The effect sound in VEGA conflict battles is really nice and smooth to listen to vs the battle effects in BP that sounds like a old woman with a turtle in her trouth while she is singing-

Please change weapon effect sounds in Battle Pirates.

3. The commandos in VEGA is relaly nice to listen to also so i would like to have that in Battle Pirates also.

Due to these sounds effects are so comfertabel to listen to i feel like i play a computer game more in VEGA Conflict than in Battle Pirates. 

I believe fixing the sound in BP can make more new people interested in playing it and yes music/effects matters in a computer game!

A little 4th thing i wish BP had is the slow start on the ships they have in VEGA so that stoping makes you lose speed.

and i just had to make a VEGA video :) 

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    Wrong forums... you're asking for BP updates in a VEGA Conflict thread. Better off going to BP's community feedback and talking about the sound quality of VC.

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    hey dude this is called vega conflict beta u know right. different game. this is to make vega conflict better not bp. dont fill up the forums with useless crap.
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