WTF i was lv24 and now im starting the game again?

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the hell is happening i was a lv24 player with exodus, rancors and lv4 outpost so why when i log in the game im starting from the very beginning???? this is not funny i spend so much time refiting my base and ships and according to some people this is happening to other people this is by far the worst bug on any kixeye game, good job by the way -_-'
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    You'll be alright.  Depending on your coin it'll only take you 3-10 hrs. to get back in line, or at least close to it.  
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    thats not cool....... coins cool but how do you get back the time you spent playing the game??? you cant! hope im not reset iv spent alot of time on V.C 2 so il be gutted if my base got reset.

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    i was not far off your lvl and i also got reset
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    Look you dumb ****, its in BETA. A closed one at that, that means EVERYTHING you do or that's in Vega can be reset at any given moment if needed to make the game better. You are there to TEST and play the game and send in bug reports. Don't like that? don't play a game thats in Beta.
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