March Work in Progress

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    Yah, the game needs to be given a booster shot. Or, in other words there needs to be reasons to play again. A lot of my old friends have retired which is sad as hell. Below are my thoughts about how the game could be improved .

    > Turrets could use 2 specials instead of the usual one slot. (ex. 50% reactive armor and pinch resistant turret panels)

    >Giving the option of painting forsaken hulls. 

    >Giving alliance points for FvF battles

    > Need more forsaken boats to research, 5 to 10 would be a good start, that give players a better chance of getting prizes in raids and improved base attacks.
     Examples could be...
     Base hitters with three specials and a minimum of 10% resistance of all weapon types,
     Stalker A with better speed, and 5 weapon slots, 
     Sea wolf A with more armor, better turn speed and 10 to 25% ballistic fire bonus 
     Stealth Predator Subs  with faster attack speed, 3 torp slots, and a 20-25% built in cat drive bonus
    Forsaken HH A

    >Could allow pirates to research pre-apocalyptic naval technology from various old world super powers ( Ex. China, Russia, Europe, and USA). This would allow more and more hulls to research in the naval lab 

    >Opening up more sectors, like 501-600,

    > allowing  access to all sectors to pirates not just the ones you have a friend in.

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    Closing this up as March has come to an end.
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