Tutorial: how to destroy the new rogue faction design lvl 30. without any loses!

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Units you can use/need to use:

-Challangers/megas/behemoth lvl 6.: to kill the bunkers/weak tanks.

-cobra/warhawk lvl 6/10. (eventual hellstorms).: kill the Cc,reso buildings, and the tanks.

-dogs to clear the mines. 

-Tips: you can if you want bait and kill al the tanks around the base. (eventual).

- i used: behemoth lvl 6. hellstorm lvl 5. and dogs.
Thanks for watching!
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    I use razorback lvl 7, cobras lvl 3 and gating truck lvl 1

    I use razorback to destroy bunkers and towers

    3 gating truck to shot down hellfire

    and cobras to destroy tanks and motars , RBT

    This is my game account. My forum account is Grzegorz2121
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