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    why do u guys want everyone reset. that is just being an ****. i was a 25 i got reset. sure i was pissed but like really. y just cause u got screwed do u think everyone else should get screwed. this is a closed beta. they can do anything they want. if u dont like it sit it out n wait for open beta. u guys seem to think that this is a right. it is a privilege. i personally don't want anymore reseting for anyone. like really guys who gives a **** that some other guy wasn't reset. they just happened to be lucky enough not to get the bug. should they be punished for it. n for those that say they didn't have any bugs yet were reset. CM Dan said they ran a check on the system and reset the bases with bugs and other errors. just cause u didn't notice it doesn't mean it wasn't there. thats not saying it didn't do anything u just didn't notice it. but guys this stuff wont be changing so please stop just posting posts cause u pissed.  
    Ok, let's  say you were level 25. You've been playing 3 weeks, and have made a few enemies in your level range. Not so bad because you've built up an arsenal to be able to compete with these folks. Now suddenly you're reset, and the coins you were given only allowed you to get back up to level 20, or maybe 22 at best. But you still don't have an arsenal anywhere near what you had before. Now you are a farm for those same enemies! And it could take a week or even longer to get back even close to being able to compete with them again, while they are still continuing to add to their arsenal while you are just trying to rebuild yours back to where it was before. Even when you get back to where you were, they still have an advantage as they have not only the same they had before, but have added to it.  Plus if they are farming you every time your bubble pops, it may take a lot longer.   

    KIxeye should have looked at xp and based coins given on that instead of playing time, or they should reset everyone to make it at least fair to all involved. 

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