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when are the coins coming out or that your able to buy them cuz i really would like to buy some to save some time  and insta upgrade rather than waiting  for ever to upgrade 
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    Coins wont go live until the Game is DEFINATELY not going to be reset, while ever it is in beta the company would be breaking the law by ridding of a persons progress and have no way of knowing how many coins that person would have spent in the game before it was reset..

    Technically it could be months until you are able to purchase coins in the game.
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    Without people purchasing coins it kinda levels the field.  Everybody has spent the same amount of time upgrading as everyone else.
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    lolz this is sad. u cant stand waiting a few hours to finish something. n to the middle comment it would be rather easy i would think. they would just cross reference the purchase history. the problem would be refunding. the only way they would be able to do it (i think) is if in the beta when u buy coins it shows a message saying there is a chance ur base may be rest when this goes live. if that happens u will lose all progress u have accomplished and all ur data will be erased including ur coins. u will not be compensated for the loss of coins if the game is reset. 
    either way this is a negative because if the game is reset they will lose many gamers because this would be labeled as terrible PR and destroy any hopes of kixeye thriving. 
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