I see what you did now kixeye

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You want to encourage conflict....so you increased damage received on the npc cargo fleets and decreased the upgrade times on the upgrades for the miners....so people will now upgrade they miners and bases become more attactive targets for resources.

BTW repairs for lower level ships are too high. Your update was of poor design.  A more effective solution for npc fleets would have been to slightly reduce the salvage yield.  Collecting resources is a necessity is this style of game...now you pretty much screwed that up....Well done


  • Vegan_Conflict
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    You want to encourage conflict....


    So, you're saying that they want to encourage conflict in Vega Conflict?
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    I agree that was a good change the miners were long time upgrades, I actually did the mineral ones because that made one hell of a difference to the balance. slightly unluckily as I used a bit of gold to get them up yesterday! 

    But I will confirm it makes a great change to get an extra 500k-1mil every time I log in, in the morning.
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    yea i know what u talkin bout there
    at op lvl 4 u have 7 of each get them to lvl 3 which is just insta i get in total every 7hrs so when i go to bed n get back on 546k. just for insta'ing them
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