Tutorial: how to take out the new rogue faction design with just air.

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video: design 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Fias2JwAVM

video: design 2 (hercules): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZbWZNC_FAE&feature=youtu.be
Units i used: 5x Elite warhawk lvl 10. 3x hellstorm lvl 2.

Reason i made this vid: unfortunately complain a lot of people about the new rogues faction bases, i made this vid so i can show them it isn't so hard like it looks like.

-you only need 2hellstorms,doesn't matther wich lvl,the hercules will shoot at their missles and in the mean time you can kill them with you're warhawks. they will be distracted as long you keep firering missles at them.

-If you att the bunker be sure you click on end att when is 50% killed,you should have a instand repair and after you repaired it,you can kill the other 50% health.

-if you dont have hellstorms,you can always kill the tanks,and kill the bunkers and flak turrets with just hellfires,or heavy tanks.

Thanks for watching! i hope it helps.
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    Really nice, same combo of units that I use but just got my hellstorms up to lvl 4. 

    For anyone watching the trick with hellstorms diverting the MGT shows how you could sneak in with lvl 9 EWH while the MGT is busy, they would get the odd shot in at the EWH between hellstorm shells but it's definately an option to consider. Same applies to the hercs, if the shells are heading their way they will target the shells and not the aircraft.
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    i can still do all 30s using cobras...
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    Problem with these video tactics: Not everyone has said units or said units at a certain level. I have level 9 Warhawks and level 9 Paladins to use...
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    Thanks XxJANNOxX andGoulson.
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    For this Layout of level 30 I use the following :

    My Level is 27
    • 8 Warhawks ( Lvl 6 ) --- Not needed just faster than all cobra's
    • 6 Cobra ( Lvl 6 )
    • 1 Platoon of Razorbacks ( Lvl 8 ) ---  Level 6 has same range so they work also just slower
    • 1  or 2 Platoon of Rocket Buggy's ( Lvl8) --- for bait and on the bunkers

    The problem is with this set up your playing with very low tolerances or its easy to have a glitch or a bad line to target send you back for repairs.


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