Fleet formation

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When the battle starts all the ships are in an arrow shape but I see many people moving them into a line. Im just curious if there is a reason for the arrow instead of a line or any other shape?
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    The arrow is how the game sorts it. People shift into a variety of formations including a line, it is personal preference/strategy.
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    Speed, range and weapon types will determine peoples strategy when they shift their formations from the default arrow. 
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    My favourite is line+solo
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    If my ships are all the same, I like the 'six-pack'


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    I would like to have the ability to change the formation of my fleets in advance of any battles. You know what the enemy configurations are and it would be great to be able to arrange your ship formations to suit each and every kind of battle.
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    is there anyway to get your fleet into a tight formation without clicking on each ship


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    is there anyway to get your fleet into a tight formation without clicking on each ship


    no, not currently
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