BP will not die if.

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BP can still be a great game if Kixeye wants it to be. If they would cut time off on builds, research, repairs, and refits. Keep the missions and raids but don't try to brake its players. Go back to the damage level and points that was going 3 to 4 months ago. Also get all the glitches under control once and for all. They also need to keep switching up with Outpost, Typhoon, and Military Fleet on raids. Keep Outpost and Typhoons on the Missions. Let player have more land and turrets for bigger and badder bases.Yes Pirates do fight at sea and do very little looting for land bases but if we could have a better chance on keeping resources to get what we are saving up for would be great. Some has little time to play and have to hit salvos little by little for a week to get what they need to build or research. If Kixeye would keep the game like this it will live longer. More would go back to coining and some would start coining. 

I have very little coins to use on this raid but will not get to tier4 like I want to. I could but no time to build the right fleets. I'm not going to quit cause I love games like this. Use to play others but I like this one alot more.

Kixeye PLEASE don't kill Battle Pirates off and listen to your players who would love to keep playing. 
You sank my Battleship!!
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    Like many people I find the blatant profiteering abhorent. However, having said that much of the coining is due to OUR greed in that we want to complete the raid in 1 or 2 days. It used to be that only the top 4 players in each sector got the top prize. A level 45 would never have expected to get anywhere near the top prize in days of yore. Yes higher levels get there more easily.....because they have by and large been playing longer and have grafted for their toys. I say by and large because there will always be those who have used the power of the wallet. That is their choice. Sure I would like the 5th tier to be less demanding and I made the choice to stop at level 4, just the 50 coins used. If I felt the 5th tier to be worth it and not so expensive I would probably have gone for it. But I made the personal choice that it wasn't worth it and despite being well able, fleet, time and coin wise to get the top tier, made the choice that it was too rich.

    I have my concerns about where the profiteering will take this game and it's future but I have realised that my life doesn't depend on this game. I enjoy it for what it is and don't take it personally. The only way any business ever listens is when it affects their bottom line. If you don't like it then you have to stop coining and make your voice heard collectivley, that may well be happening in this raid. But posting endless threads about it will just attract lots of stress and is it really worth it. I have cleansed my aura.

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    BP is nothing special, it is not in a league of its own, Its not the first of its kind, It will not generate a bigger audience, it will not become what we expect nor will it be remembered as the greatest game to hit the internet, others will surpass it, replace it, copy it, it will die...

    Its a question of when... I bury along with it £1000.... R.I.P

    Lets hope it gets a burial at sea, thats where mankind puts all its toxic waste LMAO
    I think I will call this raid a day, Poor me something tall and strong, make it an hurricane... Its only half past twelve, but I don't care, its five o'clock somewhere...
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