Taking out cargos with small damage

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    Destrudo said:
    salving just became like work :-(
    less QQ more PEW PEW
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    After the update;

    Im using 5 longbows and a genesis, although this probably work better still with harrier

    I get the longbows strafing, while moving the genesis around the enemy fleet.  The enemy genesis come at me right away, and if i drive well, i can just avoid their scatter missiles. I try to cross their path at 90 degrees. I try to catch the rancor's attention so it tries shoot at my genesis. This keeps it pointed forward to my longbows giving them a clean shot at it. Again, if I drive well, its missiles just miss my genesis.  If Im not able to distract the rancor and it fires at my longbows.  I usually lose one of them.   Still bringing home max cargo for that fleet, and more, and its instant repair anyway.
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    I think this tactic can work on 33s if you have torps on the longbows....failed with level 2 rear genesis, will try with harrier later
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