No BYM In Kixeye??

The Exile-S2K
The Exile-S2K
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Why Isn't BYM Availiable on
  • Black_Knight
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    That game doesnt make them enough coin... Duhhh they have all their assets in making BP and WC pay
  • Nexahs
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    Why Isn't BYM Availiable on
    The site is in BETA and BYM will probably be added once it comes out of it.
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  • D.A.V.E.machine
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    I hope it does, I'm sick of using Facebook.
  • Abdo Xmohamad
    Abdo Xmohamad
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    BYM would get them money if they fixed things in it , but it won't ever give them money while not being supported , updated , fixed , i assume if they listen to their players they would get lots of money from that game .. people r waiting for it to be back and they,ll be indeed ready to pay for it if they had it the way it was 

  • Q Rich
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    The original BYM remains a Facebook only game. 

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