Transfer Gold/Shiny from one Kixeye game to another

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The title kind of reveals the intent. I play more than one of the Kixeye games (technically all of them) but due to the sheer amount of time it takes to play each game and the elements within each I have found that I will have to cease playing at least one of them to better focus on the ones I'm interested in.

Currently I have a very large sum of gold in BP but I am far more interested in playing WC. Can I please move the gold in my BP account to my WC account? At a total of 1025 that is a decent amount of expendables to play with. It would be greatly appreciated.
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    I highly doubt they will let you do this, usually when FB credits are changed or gold is earned, it is irreversible. Now if you are persistent enough, sending a report ticket or getting the attention of a Kixeye Employee then they might give you a more direct answer. Good Luck with it anyway.
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