Navigation Relay

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    Here's a suggestion out of the blue that could stop the 'vulnerale' prblem:

    Each Alliance has to build their wn relay stations.  The station is located at an Allance member's island, and requires gathering so many resources that it would encourage several Alliance members working together to buid the Relay.  Once built, the relay can be movd from oneAlliance player to another within that sector, andwhichever plaer "ons" the Relay is unabl to leave the Alliance until he gives it away to another member in that sectr.  If there are no other members in the sector, the Relay is lost.

  • Thomas Higgs
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    I agree with having protection for x amount of time upon exiting the relay id say 8 seconds would be plenty in case of a player having a slow connection or getting an sos/flash crash. 
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    Sounds stupid to me.....have enough hitting from same sector or the next few sectors away.....don't need this = we need a dry dock far more. the only ones that would really need this are 60+ so they can hit more level 40's .... Kixeye needs to bring some balance back to the game before it becomes a coiner free for all.... the coiners will still coin without this and top level players will still play without it as well....need a better idea.
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    i like the idea !!!!! Shame i'm about to hit 40 and will be farmed by all the sectors now. o well, i will survive and thrive ....... eventually LOL.
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    screw the nav try fixing the **** crashes first
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    id just like to add this is pretty gd idea and also no attacks at either end of the relay would be wise also can people who want a drydock understand and i want one too that to implement the drydock they need to alter the current ship building system it will take time so it will most likely not be rushed if its messed up then u could be stuck with no ship build for days

  • USA
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     Players are always vulnerable as soon as you spend money on this game. Wish this was a choice

  • DARKHORSE375859
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    i like the idea go back to the way it was .  
  • pinups
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    Part of vote should be do we want this feature at all. My answer is no. Put the effort into fixing glitches, not something new that a small group, minority, want!!!
  • Mu Ru Der
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    pinups said:
    Part of vote should be do we want this feature at all. My answer is no. Put the effort into fixing glitches, not something new that a small group, minority, want!!!
    It's the top 1% that pay for the majority of the game, so unless this game becomes a democracy, the $$$$ talks.
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    You should be at risk entering of leaving for the following reasons

    • Encourage sectors to team up and guard.
    • Hep deter the DX and MCX "Kill Fleets"
    • If you are protected whats the point? Its a war game people....hitting each others FLEETS not just bases will surely make this game more fun to play?
  • P-TRON
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    i think this is a ridiculous idea. the thought of having all sorts of strangers just teleporting into our sector to hit bases. its too hard to keep track of. what is even the point of having map speed if people are teleporting? i understand that more Battles means more Money. and I admit that having to travel even 20-30 minutes for a target is alot of time on the computer (if you don't hit insector). 

    but going from that to having people teleport here from 5 sectors away is too drastic of a change. let's keep it somewhat reasonable. maybe just fill the sectors with more ports, or double how fast a ships map speed functions..
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    Flo said:
    I like that there are shorter travel times between sectors..only thing I dislike at this is that it will probably reduce the number of insecs even more :(

    Flo said:
    I like that there are shorter travel times between sectors..only thing I dislike at this is that it will probably reduce the number of insecs even more :(

    Don't worry i'll still hit insector for ya ;)
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    I think its a wicked idea but think players should be immune from attacks upon entering and exiting for a period of no more the 3 minutes otherwise some players would sit and camp at the relays to prevent others from using it to attack the sector.

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    Main Concern I see at this moment is the loading time for the new sectors further away. 

    Sure its all nice and cozy and most are traveling 1-3 sectors nowadays to hit a base.
    But Loading a sector 10 sectors from where you are will only strain and put more and more stress on the flash player as it it now already...

    I'd say in general: Keep it something everyone benefits off from. Not just the bored high end players and raiders (who got everything)
    Make it something 1-99 players can benefit off from rather then just those wanting to hit more to get into allaince board ratings. 

    Because this is what I feel is the main concern players are talking about
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    In all video games, where there are spawn points, you will have campers. Thass just the way it's always been. Any way you go with this someone's gonna cry, as well. That bein said, I vote fer the vulnerable on exit thing.  =D
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    This would open up the game to world game play - an added dimension of play.  There should not be any protection coming out of the gate...entering or exiting.  I actually miss not being able to attack a player coming out of a base - just took a huge amount of fun out of what we called "defending" our friends bases.  Now, instead we are attacked when we leave our fleets under drac bases while gearing up for a base attack in another sector.  

    Seems Kixeye is taking stands on what is wrong and what is right...shouldn't it be a pirate game...everything is ok - unless the sector names specific rules for the community?
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    warp speed ahead...... ok w/e another useless update 
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    reduced repair and builds times wont happen kixeye said 6 months ago they looking into it umm whats too look into there kixeye i dont see what your looking at?
  • ReddRum
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    Personally, i would rather see build, research, and refit times reduced, not many really care about traveling 50 sectors to hit bases, most go 5 to 10 away.....
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    setup the relay station open fire on any fleet that camps or fails to move out of the area within 30sec.  you can use fleets like the drac bases defending the resource stations.
  • General1AIT SG234
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    I guess in any war strategy game the element of travel time affects the tactics and the planning process of what to do and affects your decisions..this new feature will create infinite numbers of enemies over seas,currently we only have to deal with one or 2 enemies active players in lvl range from adjacent sectors at a time..if this feature is activated we're gonna have to deal with armies of enemies..whatever you guys think personally i like it the way it is atm.

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    Ducky424 said:
    As much as I appreciate traveling times being reduced, would prefer other times that are much longer to be looked at ...

    Agree 100%. Just rolling something new out for the sake of rolling something new out does not make sense when you have so much stuff to fix does it? I mean come on, all those that are agreeing give your heads a shake. 
  • KenG99
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    1.   We aren't getting a dry dock.   Quit bringing it up in every discussion.   

    2.  FvF has increased due to Alliance guarding.  No need to increase it again while people are moving on the map.

    3.  Travel times are too long.   We could double map speed for all ships, which would be nice.   Or we try the Navigation Relay.

    4.  The object of the game is to attack other people's bases, using fleets inside and outside of your base to defend.   Quit complaining about ways to bring the action closer and quicker to your sector.  If they really want to hit your sector, they would relocate and attack you.   At least this way you keep them off the comms.

    5.  We are already playing in a fantasy world.  Its make believe people, so a "stargate" is fine.   
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  • Plague Bearer
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    Could they also be used to travel across the same sector more quickly? Otherwise, Jump to another sector then jump back to a different node than the one you left? 

    I think there are other ways this could be exploited that the designers did not intend. Will it remain on during raids? OP's closest to these are really gonna see a change in the way they play. Proximity will play a big part in game experience.
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    Scurvy wrote: »
    Is this the start of StarGate BP?

    No, no. It's not something that's super science fictiony.
    Its even better.   Nexthing you know we will have hyper drive for our fleets from Star Trek ships so we can go to the next galaxy far far away..............
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    Where did the February work in progress go? Did it sink under the sheer weight of all the demands for a dry dock? It does seem like Kixeye is trying to change the subject about a dry dock, by talking about the navigation relay. Also, few people appear to want the relay and would at least like to see other things developed instead or glitches taken care of. 
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  • Jaczilla OddFour
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    I like this feature but players will need an amount of safety time in case of crashes and SOS pop up`s.
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  • Rick Redfour
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    How about some protection for my real base when looking at preview servers, i was jumping sectors, thinking this is good i like this, then my base is hit. so i spec this fool killing my fake base on the preview server only to find that when i went back to the real game. i had been hit. and now im down for 4 hours unless i coin.

  • Shawn Pheonix
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    Sure wish we had a drydock
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