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  • bIg_FoOtY
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    Laotze wrote: »
    Why not just install a wiki on Kixeye server? It isn't difficult to set one up. You could even use a small wiki, that doesn't leave a big foot print, like tiddlywiki.

    Just a logical thought.
    u have something with my IGN?:D
  • killerxx
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    Nice Swaghead I'll be happy to help.
  • Ben Phelps
    Ben Phelps
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    is it possible that i make a powerpoint and add it to the wiki? if so how do i do it?
  • TomBrooklyn
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    What is the build time for Draconian armor? Can that be added to the wiki?

  • Dreadnought Destroyer
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    Sir yes sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • KingOfAllDomains
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    I added the Light Cruiser X to the wiki and added more info on the Battleship
    KingofAllDomains, on Vega Conflict c;
  • Wyvern The PinkiePie
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    Fixed CL/CLX in the thing. It somehow got deleted.
  • Doug White
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    Why did the weight not drop on the Drac Assault D-93's
  • Malon Cross
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    Its a great idea to do it, but why not add the information yourself? I know its a player guide and all but if I am not mistaken IGN wiki is not open like the wikiapedia pages are
  • Craig Strettles
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    i hope use guys at kixeye know there a lot off unhappy bp player and hope that u guys give our coin back and give the lower player 1 st prize for this promble thank kixeye i know i lost my fleet now 
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    I would help... except I'm all info'd out due to the noobs, I'm always helping them every sector I go to, I think they think I'm a walking wiki  lol ;)
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