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With Alliances releasing, a number of players have asked for a forum/sub-forum for Alliances. I think this is a good call and would just like community input on placement.

Where Should the Alliances Section Be? 30 votes

Sub-Forum of The War Room
33% 10 votes
It's Own Main Forum
66% 20 votes
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    Would be nice but the war room thread is used for alliance things mostly.

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    Option 3: Don't care
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    I would say a seperate forum because if it is in the war room, it would take an exra click to get there and also it will be easier findable.
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    Flo wrote: »
    I would say a seperate forum because if it is in the war room, it would take an exra click to get there and also it will be easier findable.

    Subforums will usually show up as a link under the parent forum so you can still get there without any extra clicks. It will be in a smaller font, though.

    I picked subforum because it's technically a subset of the stuff that belongs in the War Room. I'd be OK with either spot, though.
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    The name war room sorta screams stick alliances in here.
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    Option 3: Don't care

    Option 4: leave in general discussion.
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    I know I made a thread earlier with this in mind, can't seem to find it though, going manual and mine was without a poll. There were some replies to it though, perhaps it can me merged...if I can find it.

    Edit: Ah yes here it is

    But here are the replies anyway
    ryan723 wrote: »
    I noticed BYM and WC has an Alliance page in it's sub-forum and was thinking that BP should also once the Alliance feature is here. What does everyone think, would anyone actually use it, if they implemented it?
    trojan66 wrote: »
    idk other than recruitment threads i think general discussion and war room pretty much covers anything i could see a alliance page being used for
    think a sub section would be good for sharing info on the feature to be in one spot.. a one spot stop for info..
    Don't need a sub forum, we got other sub forums what are hardly even touched. As a poster says, we got war room etc.
    General Discussion is a misleading name for this forum section. Since the topics are suppose to be about features of the game or upcoming ones that have been confirmed already.
    ryan723 wrote: »
    That's why they have the one called future features and feedback to at least cover the upcoming ones.
    ryan723 wrote: »
    Well, I was hoping for more of a fresh start for the alliances, but maybe it's not necessary or even wanted.
    Lucky Luke wrote: »
    Our group has started to call them Zombie fleets....for obvious reasons.
    I will be following this thread with interest. Please carry on.
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