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    My answers are in red.

    As this is a feature being developed heavily on player feedback, we want to make sure that we are giving you as many utilities as possible. Please take the time to answer some of these questions:
    • Aside from the issues already addressed above (building/tile placement & walls), what do you find is currently the most cumbersome aspect of base design?

      I think you hit the head of the nail on this one. All those walls being moved one by one is a PITA.

    • Realistically, how many different, saved base layouts would you actually use?

      Some have said three and I agree with that. However, once saved you can only use one layout every seven days or after you been attacked and have a 75% or more damage.

    • The default setting for the Base Planner is to always center your base (like centering your text in a Word document). Would you have any need for the Base Planner to allow you to left or right (north/south) justify your base?

      I really don't know what that means, I guess the current system works for me.

    • If you were to request one additional feature for the Base Planner, what would it be?

      A random/pre-configured layout button. In a nut shell, the computer has X amount pre-configured layouts that is chosen on a random basis that the user can custom to their need.
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    Please Tell me that the Turret ranges are WRONG on your otherwise excellent base planner - They do NOT match up with the Turret ranges shown on my actual base which seem somewhat longer... If range shown live on base is wrong (ie Too Long) it may explain why my base has been flattened by fleets that should have been destroyed ;-)
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    a few things could be fixed like, you can not put land pieces north to south anymore and because my land pieces are that way when i go to the base planner it shifts by base, besides that its GREAT!!!!!!!
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    Much needed update, thanks for this, great work at putting this together.
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    Yay, its up...

    I would still like to use diagonals. Attached is a screen shot of using diagonals.

    BP diagnials.jpg
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    As Base Planner is up, we will be closing this and unsticking.
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