Alliance Poll

  • Exxos
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    There are two actives and an additional three rarely actives in mine.
  • BlackSoulDriver
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    Just remember to look at the poll data, Kixeye. See how many people selected "not in an Alliance"? Don't force this feature down everyone's throats, as there are plenty of folks in the game who enjoy playing it solo.
  • total burnination
    total burnination
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    i would say 40 should be the limit because 20 isnt really enough 60+ is a bit much
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  • TheSeaDragon
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    50-75, because not everyone will be available.
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  • BigBadBran
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    I think 50 would be a good easy number just like other games and then you can buy something or pay 100 coins or something to add another 5 or 10 members

    So Ben, you are already seeing this as Alliance coiner wars.
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  • Rob_B
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    I have about 80 people in mine, around 50 i know well individually, the others are less active but still part of our team none the less, they all have our tag as well, if you make the limit to small, we are gunna end up kicking people out :/ not cool, or having to make two which just sounds crap. If the limit isnt big enough, the main larger clans wont bother.
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  • Hail To R3
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    Greetings Captains,

    The team is working on determining the initial size for Alliances when it’s released and they are looking for active player feedback on current Alliance sizing. We’ve set up a poll so that the team can get a good gauge on average Alliance membership.

    thanks for letting us vote, 20 seems like enough, if not already to powerful
  • H4YDEN
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    Thats called a sector not an alliance.

    This made me chuckle, then I looked at your sig about The R and roared out laughing
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  • LightningStrike_LofL
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    Thats called a sector not an alliance.

    I'm with the Admiral in 84! That is an alliance.....
  • evil john
    evil john
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    you should have a large number or allow multi alliance cooperation
  • docflhtc
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    Currently not in an alliance but why not open it up to a sector wide alliance with limits on travel so you couldn't move an entire alliance into another sector...
  • Fros-t
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    I think if this option was added you would see a great riser in the numbers of people that join alliences.If you add this feature do another poll like this afterwards and the numbers will jump up
  • thomasthetank
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    Thats called a sector not an alliance.
    LOL true!!!!!!!
    Used to have fun here.
  • spicer-70
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    log in once per week??? That's an awfully low bar for 'active' players 1-20 seems like a pretty wide range IMO.. we're more like 10 or so 'active', more if you count 1x per week tho :P
  • Doug Girard
    Doug Girard
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    I vote 'NO' to 'structured' alliances. There are already alliances, and if they are doing it correctly, there should be no problem. Just another addition to eat up memory.

    The only way I would vote a 'yes' is if an alliance member could enter anothers base and actually defend while in the base. . .not as an outside guard fleet. Again, more memory useage, more code to debug, and more memory dump crashes to deal with. Many people have problems with memory spike useage already, this option would just exasperate the situation.
  • Doug Girard
    Doug Girard
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    Here is a thought though. . . . .


    Just a point.
  • chevelle
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    Kixeye killed alliances when they took out the ability to hit fleets coming out of bases,people used to have to bring gaurds to hit a base because they would get sunk if they didn't ,now people have no fear of coming by themselves and pretty much ended any alliance help,so unless you put it back like it was,what do we need alliances for. prefered it the old way.
  • Digger Jones
    Digger Jones
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    I'd like to add... In BYM have an alliance to large kills sectors.. Having a max size alliance of say 15 or 20 makes for a better game and more fights
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  • pk3r4lif1
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    Alliances? are you bloody kidding me? keep up your failed updates, greed. screwing over players in raids by increasing points needed to unlock prizes and reduce the points you get for hitting targets in raids. and all the other crap you do that is running this game into the ground. its sad how greedy you have gotten and how many people have stopped playing due to this, you act like a company that has no idea how to admin a game since you turned a very great game into, well i wouldnt even call it a pile of crap since a pile of crap is now better then this game. having to coin just to win, even though you lose 30+ fleets to gliches hmm. i originally won the first dread with skill and not coining in which i did all the other raids right up untill you started to screw them up.. the best part about this game is all my coins were purchased using paypal. in which i have just disputed this week and have gotten $982 back so far. your games a scam now and has no enjoyment in playing.. your Devs all need to go hang themself. enjoy, former level 37 player Sec 1.
  • DaMerlyn
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    One hundred plus in mine and growing!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LORDCLAW 1982
    LORDCLAW 1982
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    18 in mine atm we are on every single day but were only a few weeks old and growing fast
  • Holograph
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    Hi all,

    Alliance here nor there kix! you can not control it, The groups will just change their names accordingly IE: ME1, ME2 ME3 and so on.
    If you guys try to regulate that your just plain mad, sorry but true!

    The game is fairly mucked up as it is and I think you realy have to start listening more to your players or it will get to the point people stop playing and you loose revenue kixeye.....

    Regards, Holograph
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  • jjd76539
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    Exactly why would i want to be in a alliance ? What are the benefits of this for solo players that really dont want to hear the kiddy crap. Examples oh you cant mine here oh we are a no hitting in sector alliance ect ect. Will there be alliance sectors and non alliance sectors set up for people like myself. Start alliances but take the player anonymity away that would be a gr8 update there!!!! But I would love to know is are you going to make people join something they really dont want to. I can understand some want it and some probably wont... The only way to make it work is to separate the alliance players from solo players.. Please give more info on this so we can make a decision to quit spending coins on a game that is changing way to much since the start up date.. Because all we hear is a half of a plan then we have to assume its going to be done one way then it turns out to be another!!!
  • Tiberius Hawk
    Tiberius Hawk
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    imo there are already alliances and those that want to be in one are and those that aren't aren't, this is already the case, it's called freedom of choice.
    This change is to formally recognise and cater to the groups that are already there so comments like the previous one is kinda redundant.
    I don't think an alliance member limit is necessary as players in a group will change over time and alliances will disagree and split into new alliances.
    With the travel restrictions removed I think you should leave nature to take its course.
  • someonehere
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    there are alliances and there are solo players... this only benefits alliances... if it solo they are being punished..alliance feature should only be allowed to be used on other alliances... i respect many alliances... but would like to see a drive to get this game going hard and more stable.. as competition coming in 2013 (spring) against bp
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  • DirtyTeaze
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    We have approx. 250-260 currently.
  • DirtyTeaze
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    jjd75639, they're not forcing you to be in an's merely a poll. The choice of alliance or no alliance is up to the individual player, I'm sure they already know this :)
  • DirtyTeaze
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    Adding an alliance feature might just give the solo players a break? Especially if it is performed in new sectors especially for alliance against alliance wars ie: if an alliance calls another to war, the alliance can answer or call a truce (to schedule at a later date) we port into a certain sector for a week to play "wargames" and the solo players won't get caught in amongst the crossfire. I like the idea! :)
  • TheRevolution Hascome
    TheRevolution Hascome
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    DarkAngyl wrote: »
    Adding an alliance feature might just give the solo players a break? Especially if it is performed in new sectors especially for alliance against alliance wars ie: if an alliance calls another to war, the alliance can answer or call a truce (to schedule at a later date) we port into a certain sector for a week to play "wargames" and the solo players won't get caught in amongst the crossfire. I like the idea! :)

    I like the idea of the alliances all being on a different server. I prefer solo playing player to player, even though I have tons of allies and friends.
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    I didn't vote b/c i didn't care lol
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