Reward Ships

  • Kevin Levin
    Kevin Levin
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    I don't agree. It just requires patience.

    I won the Light Cruisers at lvl 18 using Thud Marauders (Base Invaders 6).
    I used some of those LCs to help me win the Battle Cruiser (Storm Warning).
    I was unable to take part in Storm Strike.

    But, by starting small and working your way up, by using the rewards you have gained thus far and by being patient and focused, you CAN get there.

    I will suffer in the next event because my BCs will be lacking the compound armour special that would have helped greatly, but i will just rely on GS2 to help me.
  • Phillip David Johnson
    Phillip David Johnson
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  • Max Thornton
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    But...You volunteered to fight in bogus wars. Stop complaining!
  • n0s_speed
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    the store we have in game is only a 7-11 not walmart. so they don't sell the raid prized hulls.
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    Send in a ticket, along with $500, and you will get any hull you'd like ;)
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  • meykeru-sensei
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    The_Jerk wrote: »
    1. Coiners spend 4-6 hours on a raid. We all know that, many of us are done on the first night if we want.

    2. We benefit so many ways from the 1/2 repair times beating up on the guys who spend all weekend on 25's and 28's.

    To think we spend as much time as others on the events is a total joke.

    Thank You.

    Finally someone who isnt afraid to admit this.

    Kixeye doesn't want to give coiners a too big advantage.
    :lol: i cant stop laughing

    -Coming Soon-
  • Morbyus
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    Why are the ships that are used as rewards never able to be baught in the store????

    A couple of reasons:

    1. People who spent not only their money but also their time to win the hull would be annoyed and would fill the forums with complaints (not me, of course, I'd *never* do anything like that...).

    2. The psychology of "micro-payments". If Kixeye were to offer a Dread X for, say, 350 coins a lot of people would balk at paying that amount in one go. If, however, they get to spread the same amount over 3 or 4 days, a couple of coins at a time, they are much more likely to actually spend that and more. Once you're in for 100 coins, for instance, the temptation is very strong to keep going so you can get some return on the amount you've already invested. It's a recognised facet of human psychology and there's even a term for it: "Escalation of commitment", more commonly known as "throwing good money after bad". Thus Kixeye make much, much more than they would if every hull had a price tag. Same goes for every online game that uses micro-payments. Be aware and don't allow yourself to be manipulated! (again, not that I would *ever* do anything like that...)
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