New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Robert_T
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    These changes hav wrecked a good game, it is such a shame....... hopefully KIXEYE will listen to their customers..... I dought they will. I will be staying off for 1 week, and then checking if they have reversed the changes... if they haven't I will be gone for good.
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    Robert_T wrote: »
    These changes hav wrecked a good game, it is such a shame....... hopefully KIXEYE will listen to their customers..... I dought they will. I will be staying off for 1 week, and then checking if they have reversed the changes... if they haven't I will be gone for good.

    What Sector 223 thinks of the changes
  • Eric Hartzog
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    And btw i have spend around 5oo us dollars on this game so i am not crying about coining and would spend more if it was better and not just about coining
  • Eric Hartzog
    Eric Hartzog
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    I love this and they sooooo dont care but i agree with this pic
  • kizzaking
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    i dont understand you kixeye. with all these updates you are making it harder to succeed. recently due to the new player levels i am a 31 and therefore i can be attacked by anyone who is up to lvl 100. so that means im going to need to keep repairing and fixing my base. but also you decided to make collecting resources harder. so now when i do get my base destroyed you want my fleets to take damage as well to get resources. what the hell are you thinking. this means i will need to keep repairing and collecting resouirces but now you have made that close to impossible.
    are you thinking about the younger players too. how are they supposed to do well. in sec 4 we used to open salvos for younger players but due to the risk of dieing or having heaps of repairs, this ideal is ruined
    this needs to be thought about asap, otherwise many people will leave and new players will be rare.
  • Capt_Amora_Bloodbath
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    While making money is great....It is when greed takes over that it begins a down-hill slide.... Companies are no doubt in the business to make money, and that in itself is fine. But a good business- minded person that really wants to increase their income wants to keep their "paying customers" happy at the same time. When you get too greedy and make things too difficult or cost too much for your customers (especially in this ecomomy when money is already tight for most people and they are on a budget) you will start seeing a drastic decline in customers...(as you are already seeing now. Less paying customers = less money in YOUR pockets as well! Good business stradegy would be to keep the costs of things "reasonable for people able to afford to even keep playing and not taking all the "fun" out of the game. Which in turn would also bring in NEW players to try the game and possibly spend money as well. You don't have to raise the rates on things to generate more have to just keep your current customers happy and get new players to play= more money.... Speaking for myself and my husband as we have spent plenty of money playing this game since e started..... it isn't fair for us to have to stop playing a game we really came to like because you have made it unaffordable....and I am sure A LOT of others feel this same way as well......
  • mobijag
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    you really messed a very nice game...i loved it scince day 1 but now am going to find something more interesting to do... i used to take my laptop to my clinic so that i keep an eye on the game but now it will be for an hour maybe at guys r either dumb to a faaaaar level or u just want the money from our pockets...well i spent 40 bucks on this game but now ill try to claim it back and not spend a penny anymore..iv reached lvl 31 in a year and a half but now u just **** allllll that a **** our moods..either make some changes or **** you all dumb **** who made this happen..
  • Tom Oliver
    Tom Oliver
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    sorry kixeye i don't want to have to travel for hrs to find someone to b able to hit
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    Stop messing with the game, you take away officers for new players with friends that already play, you mess up the levels of salvages, now base/player levels and now salvage levels again(not to mention the weapons on salvages). SPEND OUR MONEY ON FIXING THE GLITCHES.
  • SteveYoung
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    where was there any mention about fixing the salv fleets to guarantee we take damage and tempt more coining??!?!?!!?!
  • Michael McIvor
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    This will hurt your pockets
    FU Kixeye.jpg
  • madburkie
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    well kixeye what a muck up ive seen you guys make some silly adjustments to this game, ive loved playing it for 12 months its a shame but with this new adjustments i will be banning myself. im very unhappy with the changes wont be back unto its back to normal regards madburkie
  • PiratePete
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    This officially sucks!...Why must you change things that are working fine.....I have worked hard and done what it takes to get to where I am....and this now absolutely sucks what you have done....if yer gonna make the salvs harder to take ...then make them worth more!!!....I can deal with the new level structure....but change salvs back.....
  • Captain Jahner
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    i dont like this i cant hit my farms anymore :(
  • gaestlic
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    Kixeye on BBB. Includes email to customer services management at Kixeye.
    You'll die as you lived in a flash of the blade...
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    I have been playing for about 1.5 years and level 33, opps make that 55. All the level changes are fine but you mentioned nothing about changing the weapons on the salvages. Now we have to take damage to hit a salvage; guess you are looking for more repair coining. I have spent $$ during the events but now you have gone too far. Game priority drops way down.
  • Modestas Civilka
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    For atack salvage bad updade, for base atack is good. If you care about the players, return everything back
  • jjd76539
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    I seen a post earlier about if a person gets a bubble when they are not at home will the bubble timer start when they log in or will it start as soon as the base gets bubbled. It would not be right if someone gets a 18 hour bubble and they log in with 2 hours left to click repair. You know since day one I have seen attack drac bases coming soon what is the status of that being done since it has been spammed on my screen for almost 2 years..
  • Anthony Perez
    Anthony Perez
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    I, for one, have been playing this game for over a year and a half. There are other people who have been playing just as long if not longer. I have enjoyed the game up until this point. I used to play PS3 quite a lot. The new updates are frustrating, given the level changes for salvages. It they were merely renamed like the bases, I would still be able to take the same salvages as before (29/33, now 45/55). I started this game as a non-coiner and began coining for raids, which I enjoyed. At this point, I will not be coining any longer due to the recent updates. I no longer enjoy this game and it looks like I may be going back to PS3.

    I am in an alliance and 99% of our group agrees that the changes will have us leaving this game. I'm sure our friends and family, not in our alliance, will also be leaving the game. The salvage update makes it more difficult to open/obtain salvages or even help others. I can no longer fill up warehouses for repairs sustained on trying to open salvages. Researching and upgrades will be difficult to perform. Holding resources will be difficult, leaving players open to farming. I understand the higher level coiners are getting bored with the game and want more targets to hit, but you made the game far more difficult for a lot of players.

    The game is not balanced, although I understand that was the goal behind the changes made. It seems you are trying to encourage coining to make money and reducing the amount of "free" play. As it is repair, build, and research times are too long and take too much resources to obtain. In my opinion, this isn't going to attract new players to this game.

    I hope you will listen to the players and make some adjustments for a more balanced game. It has been fun, but at this time, many of us are ready to walk away.
  • kk4asc
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    "Players Level 40 and above can be attacked by any player Level 40 and above." This makes no sense!!! So a 55 can attack a 40? That is as bad as it was with a 34 with a level 41 fleet farming a 29 base... no match!
  • Sir_Smeal
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    You know, despite calling it forward progress, I don't see how making a game unfun for all involved is profitable. Even if Kixsigh thought this would generate more revenue, they didn't bother to figure out how to make the game still fun to play.
    Well, SINK ME!
  • Mobbers
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    Something/somebody is driving the behaviour and decisions about the product development of this game to the extent your decision making has become clouded about the actual value/fun/reward ratio's that we all make subconsciously when we play a game.

    1. We find some value in achievement, attainment, interaction with others, development of a skill etc
    2. We enjoy the experience and see the time spent on this game as worthwhile and satisfying
    3. We contribute financially and with our time in order to experience those points in 1 and 2

    and here is the problem.... if we don't have our expectations met, we wont contribute financially.. no matter how much you play with the repair time, justify increase difficulty, reduce the capability of opportunity to achieve a goal without financial expenditure...There is a ceiling upon which Kixeye can see a financial return... no matter what you continue to do, people will NOT pay more for a product that is no longer fun...

    Change your product development focus away from a plain simple "Can I get more money for this new feature".... the golden goose is laying its eggs and you should be content with that, forcing more and more will only kill it and you will start to see diminishing financial returns on this product, which personally speaking, is probably coming to the end of its lifecycle anyway.. don't kill it off sooner than it would die naturally anyway.

    Get back to meeting the needs of your customers.. not your accountants.. satisfy us and we will contribute financially.
  • renegade01
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    NOTE: Make sure you've read the rules for posting in this forum: . Also be sure to read this post in it's entirety before you reply. Any posts that do not comply with the forum rules, will be promptly removed.

    Greetings Captains! We received lots of good feedback for the proposed new level system and attack ranges post. Again, the goal of updating the player level system is to provide a more accurate representation of each player's experience and power. It's great to see so many players giving constructive feedback on the game. We've taken your feedback into account and now have a new and updated system for attack rules in conjunction with the new player level system.

    Attack Distance Modification
    A lot of you were concerned over the number of attackable targets within your Level range. This is a valid concern and when we broke this down further we found that a related area of the game, attack distance, also played a key role in providing good targets. So we've decided to scrap the 850 max distance attack rule and replace it with a +/- 2 Sector rule. The 850 attack distance penalized players who were at the top or bottom edge of a Sector and also stopped a full Sector from participating in Sector wars. The new +/- 2 Sector attack rule means that all players in a Sector will be able to attack up to 2 Sectors up in either direction. This increases the number of valid targets and sets the stage for even larger Sector vs Sector wars.

    • The 850 max distance for attacking rule is being removed
    • A new +/- 2 Sector attack rule is being added

    Updated Attack Ranges
    Along with the new distance rules described above, we're updating the attack range rules to further increase the number of valid targets, especially for high level players. The +/- 5 Level range is remaining, but would no longer apply to players level 40 and above (currently level 29).

    Attack Range Summary (note all Levels are the new Levels):
    • Attack range remains at +/- 5 Levels up to Level 39.
    • Players Level 40 and above can be attacked by any player Level 40 and above.
    • Note, Levels 40-44 can still attack/be attacked by Levels 35-39 due to the +/- 5 rule still in effect for those lower Levels.
    • FYI, Current Level 29 will be Level 40 in the new system

      For clarification: Level 35-39 can still attack +5 levels, Level 40-44 can still attack -5 levels.
    Combining the new attack ranges above with the new Sector distance range we get the following number of estimated valid targets for these levels:
    • Level 10 has 1200 targets
    • Level 20 has 840 targets
    • Level 30 has 630 targets
    • Level 40 has 420 targets
    • Level 50 has 220 targets
    By uncapping the attack range at Level 40 we triple the number of targets for Level 50+ players from 220 to 640. (Please note: for those interested in the math, we did not use the full +/- 5 Sectors' worth of data here; just +/- 1.5 Sectors' worth to be conservative.)

    In all cases above Level 10, this represents an increase in the number of valid attackable targets over the existing Battle Pirates system.

    Player Level
    The proposed Level system for player Levels is unchanged from the last post. We feel that as long as there are sufficient opportunity for players to attack other players, the new Level system is correct. For reference here it is:

    Under Level 18 stays the same, then:

    19 => 20
    20 => 21
    21 => 23
    22 => 25
    23 => 26
    24 => 28
    25 => 31
    26 => 33
    27 => 35
    28 => 37
    29 => 40
    30 => 43
    31 => 45
    32 => 48
    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59
    36 => 65
    37 => 71
    38 => 78
    39 => 87

    Our goal is always to improve your gaming experience, so we welcome all feedback, including criticism as long as it is constructive and respectful. Thanks.

    Would you please post an update of the salvages now compared to the old levels? For example what the level 25 were and are now. We can eventually figure our what specials you all added to them but the numbers are not adding up to what has been posted. Thanks Rene
  • Sambuca001
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    I don't think having such a wide base hit range is good for lower players. From what I hear, many will quit the game due to the high level hits.
  • Sambuca001
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    Well said. I hear the same about leaving the game. I will now be a farm to some, and in a month or so, a farm to MANY MORE!! Why play?
  • Tanner Coleman
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    now i didnt make this but i just thought you guys might like to know what most people think of this update
  • Tanner Coleman
    Tanner Coleman
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    this is another picture i have. you can read them good if you look at the radar ;)
  • Erick Jr Melendez
    Erick Jr Melendez
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    now i didnt make this but i just thought you guys might like to know what most people think of this update

    love the way the red letters pop out on the radar map lol :P CHANGE IT BACK THE WAY IT WAS KIXEYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (-_-)' _|_
  • cyclonic
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    Hi, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me with the loading of my game. The last two days has been really bad. It loads very slowly and when it does, it won't allow me to do anything. When I try, I get the SOS message telling me that I'm playing at two locations. What's the problem?
  • Erick Jr Melendez
    Erick Jr Melendez
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    really kixeye?? u guys want to hold voting poles for ths and that and then some, wake up and smell the sea salt!!! u got several sectors posting against the changes made to this what used to be a great game! honestly i have worked so hard on the game and now im being forced to quit just for your greedy ****???
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