Damage Protection Rule Changes

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    I agree completely! not much else to say just yet...nice job MRs HAFFL:)
    COBRA alliance rocks!
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    MRS_HAFFL wrote: »
    This is SOOOO right on. Who is ANYONE else to say what I or anyone else thinks is "fun?" In our group, we don't allow buddy bubbles. But I personally don't care if I see someone else doing it. It's THEIR game account. They are entitled to have FUN playing the game. There are PLENTY of bases to hit, hit one that isn't bubbled. I have a lot of empathy for the lvl 27, 28 and 29 players, getting hit by the level 32, 33 and 34s. No way they can stand up to that. Something that is FAR WORSE than getting a friendly buble is a lvl 34 FARMING a level 29 every time his bubble drops. Maybe the guy was born in that sector, has friends there and doesn't want to move. Who is kixeye to tell him to leave? Why can''t the BULLY leave?

    I am level 33, and don't hit 27s unless they hit me first. Maybe Kixeye should look at the +/- 5 level thing instead of the buddy bubbles...you should NOT be able to hit a 29 if you are a 34, it's like Mike Tyson punching a toddler! I think +5 but -2 or 3 would be MUCH more fair.

    The only penalty for getting a buddy bubble should be for the jerks who hit a base, then run and get a bubble before there can be retaliation. Those guys are scum. So if you hit a base, you can't get a bubble for 24 hrs unless you are hit and take damage...that I could live with.

    But if you take away the friendly buble, you will stop guys in the mid-to-high 20s from ever growing, and they will quit buy the dozens. And we will have dead bases all over the place (BTW, how about u perma-bubble/delete all the dead bases, they are already starting to pile up from those that have quit due to all the glitches, lag, and impossible-unless-u-coin-heavy raids u guys run).

    If Kixeye doesn't want this to be a FREE game (required on Facebook), the get it the hell OFF FACEBOOK! Otherwise, leave those that wanna bubble for protection/growth the hell alone. You already do too much to cater to all the coiners. I know they make it possible to play, but so do all those that wanna play for free (be a pretty empty sector w/o those guys). So split up what u do 50/50....coiners/free players. Right now it's about 70/30 if u count the raids (which are pure coiner events if u wanna win the top prize, especially the typhoon raids). I remember when a non-coiner could do well in a raid...back when they were fun (now they feel like work)...back when we could hit salv for the Raids...I think they were called "Resource Raids" or something like that...they were fun. Even the Base Invaders could be fun because you and your friends could team up. Now, sadly, they are pure $$$$. No teamwork, not enough res. to make all the damage worthwhile. And the ONLY way to win a ship (the sub sucks, BTW) is to spend at least $50 during the raid on repairs, or much more than that on ships that will take less damage because you don't give us enough time between raids to build them w/o coining (I realize that's your goal, but you could at least TRY to be more subtle about it).

    Sorry about the book....but I have been holding all this in for a few months. I realize the only ones who will pay any attention to this are the trolls who wanna insult me. No one at kixeye gives a flying **** what I think; I only spend about $50/month. So I'm a nobody. But, like I said, there will be a lot of empty sectors if they soon don't have a cranialrectalotomy (an operation to remove their heads from their ****).

    PS: You make a FvF battle cause to lose a bubble, and I will quit. Immediatly. That's not a threat, that's a promise--my $50/month ain't a lot, but I'll be damned if I will lose a damage protection bubble for hiting a fleet!

    Agree whole heartedly, only I dont even coin $1, so my consent may mean less than your post.....lol.....only I won't quit before I'm good and ready or get banned.....free players are falling along the wayside at level 33/34 and I am nearly 34:((
    Release me
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    I would first like to qualify my position. I coin 4 figures to left left of the usd decimal point.

    I live in a bubble. I dont attack bases because I dont want to loose my bubble. I only WANT to fight ships. I hope (bet) alot of people coin repiars because of me too. I wish you would leave my bubble, that

    you sell me alone! Your new level system sounds great. I like, generaly speaking, your new message system. However I do not like how easy it is to talk between sectors. I like the comm to be in sector only. I

    think out of sector friends should be comunicated with on facebook not from the helm.

    Thats my multi K opinion.
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    The Fleet vs Fleet bubble loss change is messed up and should never be implemented. What you should have been tweeked was the ability to attack a fleet coming out from hitting a base. Instead of just having 'View Battle' option, put 2 choices - 'View Battle' and 'Attack Fleet'. If you're going to attack a base, you should be able to fight your way in and fight your way out of a base attack. Make you earn the resources you stole, like before you put in the 'View Battle' feature. Also the 25% or greater damage to a base to receive a protection bubble, does the percentage also include destruction of the base defense fleet. That should be included in the 'damage to the base' totals. The idea of prepping a base for an attack is so chickenshit. If you have the balls to attack a base, you go all the way or not at all.
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    War Commander :  I don't play anymore.

    Backyard Monsters : I don't play anymore.

    Vega Conflict : I don't play anymore.
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    FvF=lose bubble, total bullshit. Fix the **** glitches and bugs first.
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    Agree whole heartedly, only I dont even coin $1, so my consent may mean less than your post.....lol.....only I won't quit before I'm good and ready or get banned.....free players are falling along the wayside at level 33/34 and I am nearly 34:((

    I agree 100% i also made the suggestion to put the coiners in thier own sectors,but then i forgot that would be fair and we cant have that. I also use the bubble for research and up grades. I also dont hit bases or Fleets unless iam attacked. Thanks for your post. Ellison
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    I have been following this Kixeye forum thread now since late August about the new bubble rules. While some people love it and some people hate it, everyone agreed that bubble timers shouldn't start until a player logs into the game.

    Kixeye didn't respond to the discussions and didn't waiver on the implementation...in other words, they ignored the forum posts altogether...

    I hate buddy bubbles....but if you are at work and your guns are destroyed....you get home after 9 hours and hit repair...your bubble will drop and you will be attacked again with no turrets. Unless you coin all your base repairs now...
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    FvF=lose bubble, total bullshit. Fix the **** glitches and bugs first.

    Sorry, but I hate it when players hide behind bubbles but sink miners or guard fleets. You want to play play...want to hit miners and parked fleets when no one is around ...lose your bubble and roll the dice...
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    I too am in software development, so I understand the need to keep your product evolving and incorporating new features to keep interest. That said, There needs to be significant efforts to resolve current bugs and system performance. It can't be that there is no lag for only those who are on a highspeed cable connection or greater. I have DSL at home and the game is nearly unplayable.

    Also, the damage protection rule where you'll lose your bubble if you attack another's fleets?.?.?........ That's just wrong! I have no problem with my base being attacked. It's part of the game. But for someone who does not coin, we players need that protection time to repair and let upgrades and researches continue. If all we can do while under a bubble is to go and hit salvage ships this game will quickly become very BORING and many will quit. Especially those players who are in the mid to upper 20's levels. I am a level 28 and the researches and upgrades take DAYS to complete without coining. So am I supposed to just sit in a bubble until I reach level 34, all my labs are at lvl 10, my turrets and walls are at lvl4 and I have all ships researched and multiple fleets of each built to be able to continue playing the game?

    Also, as a upper level 20's player I get completely leveled by the 32's and 33's of the world. "Well build a better base!" you would say. Well I would and am but the way things are now it will take MONTHS without coining to get there. And if I can't even attack another player's fleets I, along with all others in my situation, will lose interest in this game and stop playing. DO NOT REMOVE ONE'S DAMAGE PROTECTION BUBBLE BY ATTACKING ANOTHER PLAYER'S FLEET. Many times it's one's only means of retaliation.

    One more suggestion..... the +/- 5 rule for attacking bases. Consider changing this to +5, -2. This will keep those from "beating" up on lower level players. If you feel the need to attack someone 5 levels above you, have at it. But it will keep people from being "farmed" by players they don't stand a chance against.

    I understand the this game needs to be free because of facebook, but it seems like Kixeye is only interested in those players who can spend money on this game.

    Thank You. I hope this actually gets read by someone from Kixeye and the suggestions and concerns are seriously considered.
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    Yes +5, -2 is the way to go :D
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    So, if you're going to lose your bubble anyway by attacking another base as well as attacking another person's fleet then why even bubble a base??? You're forcing players to lose their bubbles anyway to continue to actually play the game. So don't bubble their bases...

    Now, if you did that there would have to be SOME sort of protection...
    So, NO damage to op centers... and if anything is under repair or upgrading/researching they should not take on any more damage. People must be able to improve their bases....

    Just a thought...
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    i agree whit all the changes except one, the FvF = drops bubble....to me this is nothing more then greedy, kixeye wants push the gamers to coin bases repairs. This game increased the gap btw coiner`s and non coiner`s alot whit all this raids lately, this FvF rule going kill the mojo from non coiners, untill now i (lvl29 non coiner) was farmed alot by big coiner`s at lvl 33/34, and in the reality i cant do nothing to stop it, but...untill now i was able to chase hes flts at least, now not even that, if not, not even in 2/3 years i have mine researchs/upgrades finished. So i need to choose btw being farmed in the same and sit in one corner whit mine flts inside base or...forget researchs/upgrades forever!!!! and hey i do not have nothing against the people who coins, is not that it!
    Kixeye announces this game like one FREE GAME, bs, in some time only the coiners going remains here playing this game, and that not going be good to no one i think!!
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    so now if u have a bubble and there is more attacks going on u cant save people in your sector without loosing your own bubble... why was that part changed now we cant even go fleet to fleet while in a bubble....
  • Tom Blais
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    BTW Kixeye... Has this change of losing your bubble if you go F2F been installed yet?
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    kick_azz wrote: »
    u cant save people in your sector

    Thanks for the laugh! <3

    Save the people in your sector - how? By sitting next to a base that's being hit?
    By running after a baser with SW's?

    You can still do all that :p
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    Are the bubble times from when the attack occurs or when the damage is detected or when the repairs are completed. I think that the times should be from completion of repairs to give each pirate a chance to get some resources in before the next attack.
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    i do not mind the changes to stop buddy bubbles BUT KIXEYE IS WRONG to make you loose your bubble if you hit a fleet.
    some of us chase fleets that have just hit if the dock has been missed. now if we are lucky enough to catch the fleet and we hit it we loose the bubble they just gave us.
    sorry for shouting but i am very angry
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    So, we're supposed to join and alliance?? How are we supposed to do that? They've been promising an alliance option since I started playing, and it's never materialized. Yet, they screw us all, and say "Join an alliance" while they're doing it. Idiots and incompetents....
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    so you want to sell more bubbles eh
  • Stephen
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    Really Kixeye? Don't mind the levels and bubble changes, but the way the dracs are armed makes going after recs not worth the trouble now--not to mention that the salvs dropping tier 3 BPs are now WAY out of reach. Hearing a lot of people quitting the game...probably going to be one of them. You should fix this. Now.
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    kixeye u have ruined the game for everyone with all the changes u have done its no longer fun an some of us cant coin as we dont have the money 2 do it you will be loosing alot of players now because of it so i hope u like havin dead bases all over ur game an not getting the money u were hopeing out of it
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    like the new levels, but i need to agree about the loosing the bubble if you attack a fleet. also more time in bubble if 50% or more, you need to repair and get recs. i have coined but you are getting to much money.. i stopping if you can't make the more fair to the newer people.
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    You mentioned about the bubble rule and the level change for bases but i had a narsty shock when attacking a lvl 37 fleet beleive old rating 29. i lost most of my fleet as changes have been made to these aswall. even with a lvl 29 fleet i now sustain damage. this now means that the lvl i am now 43 it way above what my base is capible of when fighting drac fleet. even the old lvl 25 now i think 29 is out classing me... there for i am now gonna have to spend months with current times for refit and builds to refit 99% of my fleet to enable me to get to where i was before the lvl changes.
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    moforocks wrote: »
    25% needs a bump to 30%. Bases are over powered and 25% really isn't anything with a well built base.

    bases aren't overpowered ur fleets just suck. i have to keep redesigning my base and i still keep getting leveled by players 5 levels above my level. now, with the new changes i'm a level51 and anyone above level 40 can hit me
    nice job glitcheye.
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    i got hit by an old level 34 at 2am U.K. time which gave me a 36 hour bubble, my bubble is due down in 15 hours yet my launch pad still has 1 full day to repair so will be unbubbled with a building still repairing
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    Glitcheye has missed the boat or is intentionally doing their level best at breaking up sector / team spirit with the removal of damage protection when a player attacks a fleet while trying to help a friend whose base is being attacked while they have a bubble.
    Well guess what ... If I have a bubble and still repairing and friend is being attacked ... no way in hades am I going to try to help...
    Great job glitcheye in breaking up team spirit
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    so new rule is to prevent friendly bubble? clearly kixeye didnt think this through. I guess they trying to promote in sector fighting. Lets be honest if you wanted a friendly bubble you get your friend or ally to rim your base and put all the non-essential building/wall/turret out on the rim. So how did you prevent the friendly bubbles?
    Ok, I'm closing this thread. 

    Kaos Rebel, while I certainly don't want to diminish any negative experience you may have had during the raid, as I think most players would agree that the raid was a little rocky, posting on the forums that you've spent 600 coins on repairs during Forsaken Fury 2 when your last expenditure of coins was actually over a month ago certainly isn't going to fly. 

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    Kixeye needs to set the game back the way it was. So a few whine about "Buddy Bubbles" they only whine because then the lower level they are farming has a chance to actually grow and their lazy behinds will have to find someone else to farm. I have seen people that whine & rant about "Buddy Bubbles" use them & have the audacity to complain when someone else does. It was a good option, it hurt no one, it gave lower levels time to grow, it took the unfair advantage Kixeye doled out with their ridiculous 5+/- rule. As for your suggestions to "find" someone to take you under their wing, that is as laughable as the rest of your "suggestions". You must really think all of the players are a bunch of morons & can't see through your uninspired manipulation. We are not as stupid as you think or wish we were. People can see what you are trying to do but have put up with it till this point. You screwed the pooch with this last update Kixeye. If you hope to keep the paying players & the free players they feed off of you better put all aspects of the game back the way it was before the update. That includes the ability to bubble not the asinine "Damage Protection Rule" you have now.
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    Kixeye what were you thinking, for the lower levels it wil be almost impossible to open salves nowand if you are a higher level you cannot open the big salves without lots of repair time!

    It sucks bigtime, if this continues i am quiting this game!
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    this sux kixeye FAIL!!!!!!!!!! hear my $$ talk.... PUT IT BACK!!!!!!
    envoy sector 2 and lovin it
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