New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Tiny Teets
    Tiny Teets
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    The time period to begin with will be 2 days on the 8th and 9th of October!

    Nobodys playing now, except to set **** YOU memorials.
  • Fender
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    Ok I understand that this game is a business for Kixeye....but maybe you should realy look at this..You have made it harder for the lower lvl players to collect cargo,so the players that spend monney to have fleets that can take that said cargo are going to be pissed when there is none to take. All the players that have spent monney to take out cargo fleets with out losing fleets doing it...will be pissed...The whole point in building those fleets and spending money for items such as SFB3 was so you had the upper they are useless...why would I want to spen money on such a Item ,when a now lvl 45 fleet has better range then anything I have...???. Like I said its a business and you want to make money..well maybe you should create a new game,not jack with one that already makes you guys money...I use to coin repares here and there...would put a few dollers in on Raids,but I wouldnt think about putting a dime into this game would be like putting the money in my toilet and flushing it,just to put more in tomorrow....Wouldnt you be pissed if you went out baught a new car and the next day you found that the features you paid extra for dont work....??? well thats just what you did to all of the players out there...all the features they have coined or played there little **** off for no longer work....and the ones who want the cool stuff the big boys have..well they will have to spend twise as much or work twise as long..well most wont even play anymore so...if you were looking for a bigger profit,you may just find yourselfs loseing what you had.....Greed will cost you more!!! My children just read a was about a fisher man..and in this story the fisher man found a enchanted he lets the fish go..after telling his wife about this fish she sends him back to ask for a new house...the fish grants the wish...the next day the wife sends him back to ask for a cassle...the fish grants it..the next day the wife isnt happy so tell the man to ask for a he asked the fish...the fish didnt grant his wish,matter of fact he told the man to return home to the little cottage he had from the get....Im sure you see were im going....
  • shydog
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    I have been playing a short while, a few months, enjoy playing the game and meeting new people. I have coined some things to get them to complete faster or build a ship that I wanted to test out. But the last raid was stupid, I won a battle cruiser by staying up for 2 days cancelling my vacation and having to hit typhoons from lvl 7 to 22 (which was tough and costly) to just barely be able to obtain the cruiser.

    Now, the levels change, salvage is crazy to get, I use subs for salvage and am now losing a fleet on a 29 which gives out 1.2 mil in res. I am finished with this game unless things change. I have a lot of friends who are quitting and coin way more than I do. I have spent at least a $100 a MONTH on this game. No more, I will boycott this and your other 3 games. Which I use to love playing.

    I will continue to check back for changes but if none happen, myself and my 50 or so friends will be leaving and they will take their 50 or so friends and so on, till no one is left. You people are greedy and it shows, you all will be looking for jobs once we all boycott you..

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    All Battle Pirates players! organising a NO PLAY PROTEST to get kixeye to change their ways! The time period to begin with will be 2 days on the 8th and 9th of October! Get all of your sectors to do the same until kixeye change all of the stupid changes back to how they were! We need to show Kixeye that they are supposed to be making a game, not trying to purely rip us off! Repost on every Battle Pirates sector page, fan page, news page and post you can find! Thankyou BP community!

    Rather than a No Play Protest. Instead start a No coin protest. Sure you could do a no play policy but that won't phase them much. If they lose revenue then that will hit em where it hurts. Though you have to convince War commander players too.
    Don't use Level. Use Tech when describing players. Level means nothing, its all about tech.
  • SweetBabez
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    What i want to know is WHERE it said or suggested changes to salvs?????????
  • jdstevens
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    Thank you for the changes to the game. Just so every one at KIXEYE knows I will not spend another dime on this game. You made salvs harder to get, Allowed higher players to hit lower bases. As a lvl 41 player now I can get hit all the way up to a 57 really. Not sure whose brain child this was and don't care. The game was fun now its near impossible. So glad i wasted money on it. This being said if I get banned from playing it SO WHAT.
  • John Pollitt
    John Pollitt
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    you want feedback to the is some...change it fleets dont stand a chance against the new level of salvs on the map...change it back...i have sfb3 on my scorpions and they got hammered by a lvl37 salv...not at all good....change it all back to what it was
  • Neverbeensane
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    well it seems i can no longer play the game as the salvs are now to hard to attack and the ones that can are not wort the hassle. it's a shame i was enjoying it : (
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    the new levels state a 28 will be a 37 why then have I jumped to 39
  • Paul William Holland
    Paul William Holland
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    I am sorry.This system sucks and i do not like it.It has made the game much harder to play and level up.The game was good as it was now you have ruined it.I have to attack much smaller salvs now so it will take me a lot longer to level up meanwhile as i am a level 40 i now will be attacked by anyone from 35 and above and it's usally above so i will get levelled every time with no hope of retalliation as my fleet are not as good as theirs.This has now made the game unplayable so if it does not improve soon i will be leaving and delieting you game off my system
  • Capt_Ghost_Minion
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    does kixeye got a 1800 number?
  • Robb Wilfong
    Robb Wilfong
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    Rather than a No Play Protest. Instead start a No coin protest. Sure you could do a no play policy but that won't phase them much. If they lose revenue then that will hit em where it hurts. Though you have to convince War commander players too.

    They get paid when you log into the game
  • kgwiz
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    don;t know who has their head up they;re arse but i;m not playing this crap
  • Martial Boffy
    Martial Boffy
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    Somebody please tell me what is now the point in leveling up? I'm a level 42 with absolutely nothing to look forward to, not even salvs.
  • TheRage
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    Right first off you have just lost me as a player. I have coined well over a £100 on this game and now you have lost me and my girlfriend.

    When you start this game you watch players taking out 33s with there sw and it makes you want them. I could not wait to dump my p subs. Working for and gaining your sw was a goal and an accomplishment in itself, a "coming of age" if you like. You really felt like your starting to get somewhere.

    My partner XxLeaxX has also been working for this sw goal. She has been finding it hard enough trying to save as it is for howis 4 using p subs what you have just made stupidly hard... actually "quit the game hard".

    I myself as a lvl29... ooops lvl41 am working on du4 walls what costs millions, I mean tons and tons of original lvl33s. Now I cannot even take out a lvl 37 what only holds what 2mill??

    So let me get this straight.... Despite it taking months of popping salv to save for stuff like howis 4, du4 walls, plats, specials, all the while under threat from loosing it to higher players that's just got higher you have now made it near impossible to do this with the added affect of the already monotonous salving becoming even more frustrating and boring, loosing it anyhow to higher lvl players who are going to hit basis more now for the same reason. You have decided to remove the goal that EVERY new player works for, I.e sw whilst making the game frustratingly boring and also messing up your own raids as we need salv for them? Also has the prices lowered in labs? No.

    I can only imagine you would do this to gain more coins via fleet repairs. The problem is if you check in game comms what are on fire about this. You will see that you are about to loose the "coining" players who are already protesting on the 8th-9th by not playing.

    Remember Kixeye this is a game what needs to be FUN! It is not good business to alienate almost all of the player who pay your wages. Think I might go back to bf3, or EVE what cost me only £15 a month, or WOW, or COD, or.... see what I'm saying? At least they seem to realize that a game needs "players" who you are about to loose sharpish. I have a mind to request all of the money I have payed you to date.
  • Battlefish
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    well for 1 thing we sure dont have to worry about the whiners wont being able to touch our slavos now lol. I will give ya credit ya really have out done ya self with this. For years our wivies, girlfriends and family have trying to get us off of BP. You all have managed to do it in 1 day great job BP will all the lvl changes an cargo changes u have really messed this game up good luck on keeping any players. An you all really screwed the old lvl 29s an 30 lol they r farms without farms great job keeping up the good work ya r NUMBER1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • hunter44
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    none of these changes were necessary all you've done is demote most of the players and allow higher lvls to attack them. it was bad enough getting hit by 5 lvls abouve now even more can hit your base. how fast you lvl up is not as important as learning and playing as you go. the lvls we have work had to get to mean nothing now.
  • gaestlic
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    They get paid when you log into the game

    Correct, free players and paying players bring them money when logged on through the advertisements on the right of the screen. If you aren't playing, ads aren't being viewed and advertisers back out. Just imagine what Zoosk alone is likely paying them or won't be if they back out. Don't wait until the 8th and 9th, stop now, call their hand. They hold high card, all players, free and paying, hold royal flush. Without us, they go under.

    They should also have to follow weight limit rules. Drones smaller than gunboats firing what? Siege missiles that weigh more than the drone? Or their SFB3 torps...Come on, get serious. I hate when games break their own rules.
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  • craigb
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    the problems you have with base hitting are worse not better.the higher levels have exploited the weaker bases A 35 hitting a 30 is common and the 30 has no chance to get even. now with the new structure you have created a bigger imbalance that will cause lower lvls to quit. you have not helped anyone except the higher levels and you will lose your game. if no one plays no one pays. good luck with that.
  • freddykruger
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    so this sounded alright before you implemented that i see it it really sucks. you put the salvs on steriods, nerfed how much res you get from them i mean really? what were you boneheads thinking? we could at least enjoy the game the way it was. i know this game is no where close to what you started at but please dont ruin it with this crap. ive been playing this game since it came out and you still havent put out a drac base update i mean really its prolly been around 2 years of playing this and drac base still says COMING SOON
  • Rob Havey
    Rob Havey
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    What is the deal with salvs??? This change was not mentioned!! You can no longer attack a salv with out losing a fleet??? Whats the deal!! Unless I go low lev and take all the small ones you will be here all day trying to get enough res to do a repair!
  • DOA-Ty
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    I wonder how many people are taking part? 91197,16 link coords if your taking part in your sector.
  • Rick Gibbs
    Rick Gibbs
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    Kixeye says they have a lot of good response to this new update.. I don't see it in comms.. Wake up Kixeye and quit dreaming. This new update sux. U r really losing a lot of players.. take a look at the activities. I agree to improve the game. But this just went back words..
  • DodgyRodger
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    Pages and pages of complaints, what statement do you have for us kixeye? why are you not answering any of the threads? i would reccomend you repay everyone all the money they have put into this game before you face court action, you cannot do things like this and not even have a statement to defend your actions, you did not involve the players as to what your intentions were, why not? we are the ones who play the game, we do have a say, as the game will be closing down soon due to lack of players i would like all my money refunded back into my bank account ASAP
  • JohnMuzy
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    What's the point? Just got to the point where I could attack lvl33 salvs - now I can't without taking so much damage it costs more to repair than I get rewarded. i was ready to upgrade to lvl 10 lab, research , dock and lvl2 shipyard. No point now as I can't get the resources. Unless things change back, I won't be playing anymore.
    Well done Kixeye, another lost player who won't spend another penny on your game.
  • Vampiro81
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    What's this **** about?! Lvl 45 Salvos now have SFB4 or what?!?!?! Can't even open a Lvl 45 with my SW's with SFB3, the Draco's shoot me down, before they get in my Range... Give your Job's to some Apes, sure they will make it better, than the over payed "Programmers" that Kixeye hired...

    Never look back, never think twice...

  • deadly dc
    deadly dc
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    I not adverse to change but do think that a decent Sw fleet shod be able to take a lvl 29(37) drac but now all these changes have benn made i cant even do that, so lets recap

    1. any player above me (lvl 43) can attack me.
    2. they can take upto 20 mil in res
    3. to get 2.2 mil is res used to take me 2 mins on a lvl 29 fleet( now 37) now takes me 1.5 hours as primary
    fleet used is now destroyed 2 about 60 - 80%
    4. if i elect to go for a lvl 29 fleet old 25 then still takes me about 40 minutes on SW fleet and only get 1.3 mil res

    So to recoupe the lose of a base attack would now take me approx 20 hours game play and then 16 hours later im farmed again !!!!! base lvl changes i could live with but please change back the deac fleets so we stand a chance of atleast getting the res we need to progress....
  • Tiny Teets
    Tiny Teets
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    DOA-Ty wrote: »
    I wonder how many people are taking part? 91197,16 link coords if your taking part in your sector.

    Taking part in what?
  • Cold-train
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    What the heck u done. This game was nice as it was. Same as last time as u changed the look of the boats. U should know the words: Never change a running system. I quit playing as long u dont change it back.
    Changed my mind. My Cudas still work. So my previous post is of nothing to say.
  • Terry F
    Terry F
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    New structure at present seems to suck,but will try to keep open mind. the sallys have a longer weapon raange then before and our fleets have the the old range making it harder to get salvage. any thought of increasing our weapon range?it may send people away from the game
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