New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • slevin-101
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    changing our levels and salv ships now having specials was the worest idea for this game not everyone has cuddas or drac ships to go toe to toe and the repair bill is to expensive so you dont make any res buy hitting salvs. chan ge it back kixeye
  • Sir_Smeal
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    Well, what it really means is that Kixsigh has solved a major problem. Server speed should fail to be a problem from now on.
    Fraser wrote: »
    I'm not one to moan. The game (my view here) didn't require being changed. Perhaps the level system, but just for clarity...

    Online gaming requires a fine ratio of time, effort, pleasure and finally cost effectiveness giving an overall rewarding experience/learning curve.

    So lets look at the recent updates:

    Time - yes more time repairing to open up cargo that 'was essential' in having the pleasure of being attacked or being attacked. Now time is taken just to repair from open the cargo???? Own Goal

    Pleasure - there's little pleasure whereby progressing is now limited because of the damage taken from opening cargo - own goal

    Cost Effective - neither Time or Pleasure warrant the basis to pay for repairs or updates - own goal

    Finally the overall reward of gaming has been lost by the attacking structure, level of damage taken whilst salvaging and the now 'too competitive' element to hit those lesser than yourselves...whom will eventually run out of cargo because they wont be able to 'salvage without significant repair time.'

    So overall, I estimate a resounding loss for Kixeyes, as is apparent by the previous posts.

    Being commercially minded, I have to question the forethought and serious consideration that these types of updates do for the company, as all the benefit of the game has been lost.

    Salvage to repair after being attack, only to repair the damage from the salvaging, to then be attacked before you can essentially level up to protect you're efforts/or gain pleasure/reward in becoming 'stronger' better.

    As a result...I fear kixeye has scored a resounding own goal.

    Anyone still with me...because I suspect the game now will become boring...'elitist' with an element of repetitiveness...Yawn!
    Well, SINK ME!
  • Gilligan
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    8th and 9th hell!, I'm done now until it's fixed. Cost me 6.3 mil to repair after hitting 2 lvl 37 cargo fleets, and 2 hours 22min repair time for 4.8 mil in res? Really stupid adjustment Kixeye.
  • trivie
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    LOL all those that wanted all the changes got what they asked for and more, most did not think past the idea of no buddy bubbling, but these changes dont stop bubby bubbling at all. **** DUMP ****.
  • craigb
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    i agree with the stupidity of changing the salves.i spent 3 fleets trying to get a salve. a little more challenge would have been fine but not this . i have eng 3 and sfb 3 and am out gunned now. there cargo ships for god sakes. the salves are out of whack. other than that why didn't you give another worker. p s i will probably quit if i cant hit salves. scratch probably.
  • Mike Nease
    Mike Nease
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    I like the level structure and the damage protection but the resource fleets...seriously? come on...costing more to repair than retrieving salvs are worth....this needs fixed. Alot of players are quitting and myself is considering it also. I will not spend one more dime...........................................
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  • Chuck Bouchard
    Chuck Bouchard
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    all the negative output on the new changes and i see nothing from kixeye in response. my opinion we all should quit playing any and all of the 4 games kixeye makes. the raids continue to get harder and harder and not this too? C'mon! get a grip! and btw......add some new forsaken **** instead of nothing but drac. it would be nice to have a forsaken hull that has stat's better than the drac.
  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
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    This is a game I use to enjoy. Now sadly I am walking away from it. I worked hard to get to a lvl 30 WITHOUT COINING and now you have made all the changes and made it impossible to play without spending money. Just so you know YOU'RE OFF MY CHRISTMAS CARD LIST!
    Sometimes I just shake my head in amusement at the thought of this game ever being playable again! :confused:
  • BPAV2
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    Level changes are fine....Set the Drac Fleets back the way they used to system stinks....or are you looking for more coin from all of us???
  • gaestlic
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    Not only have you imbalanced the game on base hits once you reach a certain level, being that 40 and up can be hit by any level above them regardless of disparity in levels and development, you have also made salvages ridiculous. It costs more in repairs than you recover from the salvage. Add all this to the rest of the unfixed glitches and the game is no longer worth playing.

    Advertisers don't pay to have ads placed on vacant sites, they pay to have them seen. Sheer numbers which is where free players are critical. So free players quitting the game will result in advertisers backing out and paying players will have no one to play against except each other. Their interest will die as well. In your attempts to rake in more money (like raid changes), you are instead pushing the game to the edge of a cliff. I'm done unless improvements are made.
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  • Nise Lepordo
    Nise Lepordo
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    I still say put the game back. You will lose more players over all than you have high level players. I am a 31/45 I know if the game stays this way I will quit. Yes I coin when I choose to. The salvage is useless now, subs are killed, fleets are killed all gathering salvage. Looks like you are trying to force us to hit bases. I play the game the way I want not the way other players try to force me to. Seriously, if Kixeye persists in trying to force us into things like hitting bases, sector wars, alliance wars I will not be the only one to quit. This was a nice little game where you could play with friends, hit bases if you chose to, stay home & gather salvage, whatever you prefered. I will not play a game that tries to manipulate me. Kixeye should heed the overall game players not just the high level ones.
  • JesTeR Inc
    JesTeR Inc
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    OK..... I've never whined before about any of the updates but the SALVAGES have finally brought it out of me. I've been waiting years for something bad to happen in kixeye so I could break aways from the game and KIXEYE finally did it. thank you for finally forcing me to quit battle pirates. This is really bittersweet.... but I finally feel free. LATER KIXEYE!!!!
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  • James Hebert
    James Hebert
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    Seems you guys really **** up BAD this time..
    If no one can really salvage. people will see the game as too hard, too hard, people dont play it.. I cant take a salvage anymore. and im a 46. i have BattleCruisers that get their **** whipped. What the **** are you guys thinking, the game Revolves around the Coin?
    **** you Kixeye, just **** you.
  • Tiny Teets
    Tiny Teets
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    Well, you shut us out of the General section, what did you expect?
  • Per Thalue
    Per Thalue
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    Swag on behalf of my alliance ADT with close to 100 members , of which half min was way over lvl 30 in the old system , we would like theese new changes to go back to the old system making it that hard to gain salvage makes it imposible for lower lvls to gain anything in game , on my own behalf im a lvl 35 on the old system and spend more than 1500 dollars totally on this game , keep it the way it is now and im out of here , u should concentrate on fixing all the bad codes in ur programming that creates all the glitches , and faults , before adding more dollardemanding features to the game , i fully respect that ur not making games for fun , but this is way too much
    Captain _ ADT lvl 35 (61) presently sector 233
  • MotherInLaw
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    I kinda like the changes.. it forces lower level player to man up so to speak and instead of depending on higher level players to open up salvages for them. they have to do what we used to do.. I remember the days when i started playing this game.. nobody open salvages for me.. You know if Kixeye roll back to the how the salvages used to be .. the lower level players will never get their Tier 1 , 2 , 3 Blue prints. and by the time they are level 40+ they will not have cargo holds. they will not have Siege cannons missiles . they will not have D55... this update may help the game in general as the respawn rate will be much lower.. as the salvages are not cleared as fast.. the lagged and frozen screen may not happens as much as much .. lesser stress on their servers..

    I am a level 50, I have sustained ZERO damage opening a level 55 salvage.. i don't understand why everyone is cyring like babies and some went to thread to boycott a free game is beyond childish.. and is in fact tryanny.. For the record. I also show how lower level with Stalkers can easily open salvages..... ANYONE who cry on here that it needs to coin to open salvages obviously spend too much time complaining instead of being a true pirate or gamer and figure out a way.. I the comm for 1 hour.. then i send out my fleet with 4 ships on it went into a level 55 salvage open it .. came out with ZERO damages.. then people cry because they don't own any Golden Arabian Floating Slippers.. so I went in and take out my Stalkers. dusted them off and opened up a lvl 45 and level 55.... now.. I have to admit I can on IMAGINE what a TYPHOON will be like ..ROFL

    MY ID is 149349..I have been playing this game for more than 1 year and 6 months. I remember when i started this game the map was black. you have to find your ways around and when the first raid happened all a sudden the map is blue everywhere... everyone cried . I was mad too as I used to develop my own roads on the map and know where everything was and you build these roads from exploring new areas... i used to have to open my own salvages and nobody open anything for me... Oh by the way.. that was before there were submarines before there were specials, and finding an FF is like seeing GOD!.. there will be like 1 to two people with FF the whole sector?? Oh Yes.. i do coin now and then.. I think i spend less than US$450 on this game in total? And I did not really coin until I reached level 29.. and join the alliance I am in and become more competitive.
  • GanjaFella
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    well Congratulations Kix. u F'd up a nice game..
    when people cant get Loot to grow they quit as 70% wont pay coins.
    as am i.
    so l8rs.
  • SaltyDog23
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    I use to have fun playing the game. Now you have showed that you are going after only one thing.....COIN. It is OK there are other games like your out there to play, Losing a fleet of levis in less than a minute and a repair time of 6 hours. I have time to waste but not that much time. You priced your game for the coiners. What will be left for them to hit when the rest leave the game. Maybe they can see whom it is that can buy the biggest fleet. This was a really bad idea.

    Still waiting for my coins you were going to credit me too......LOL
  • Ray_LR
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    I truly hate the "new" salvage cargo update. I'm not very pleased with "free" level bump, either. I'm now targetable by people much more powerful than me, while unable to fight the salvages necessary to to maintain my fleets and base growth.
    I've played 4x games since they were introduced. This is the very first time I've EVER encountered a game update that made the game virtually unplayable. Change it back, or at least tone back the overwhelming power of the "New & Improved" salvage cargoes.
    I'm very disappointed in your overall regard for your customer base, and the pathetic way in which you respond to player input. Fix the problems, stop blaming YOUR failings on the programs & browsers of other companies, and start responding to your customer base, or you will soon lose customers faster than you could possibly imagine.
  • todd p
    todd p
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    Swag on behalf of my alliance ADT with close to 100 members , of which half min was way over lvl 30 in the old system , we would like theese new changes to go back to the old system making it that hard to gain salvage makes it imposible for lower lvls to gain anything in game , on my own behalf im a lvl 35 on the old system and spend more than 1500 dollars totally on this game , keep it the way it is now and im out of here , u should concentrate on fixing all the bad codes in ur programming that creates all the glitches , and faults , before adding more dollardemanding features to the game , i fully respect that ur not making games for fun , but this is way too much
    Captain _ ADT lvl 35 (61) presently sector 233 i agree totally!!
  • Lawless12
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    I have to say the update today is by far the worst one Kixeye has done. I have been playing almost a year now and have been threw alot of updates some good some bad but TODAYS update has been the worst.. Yes I have coined and now I look at the **** dollars I have put into this game a waste!!! The new levels ok I can live and continue to play with it but the new salvages is just ridiculous!!! I would say your better off to hit a base to get res now, BUT the way the salvs are NO-ONE will ever have RES in there base.... I just turned lvl 33 today and it is a sad day in BP when my SW fleet dies on lvl 45 salv fleet!! I then tried a 45 with a Shockwave Mortar FF fleet that I don't use anymore (it is in my long, long, long line of fleets to refit) from 1 lvl 45 Salvage I got a 53 min repair!!! WTF KIXEYE.. I'm tired of the bullshit updates that has killed Battle Pirates, I am now considering about quiting all together this game is not really worth the time and exspecially my money anymore.... I really hope KIXEYE looks at these comments and does the right thing.... GIVE THE PLAYERS WHAT THEY WANT!!!! NONE OF US ASKED FOR THIS!!!!
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  • deadst73
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    Pretty sad that they have to shut us out of the general discussion. No Statement either.
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    what has happened to salv levels what are equivalents
  • Chris Hanna
    Chris Hanna
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    i dont know if this was answered but what is the break down of sals what is a lvl 39 now and what is a lvl 33
  • Stiles Gregg
    Stiles Gregg
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    Boycott kix dont play until they change it and listen to their CUSTOMERS dont wait til the 8th to boycott start now1!!!!!!! STOP SPENDING MONEY ON COINS
  • LBI_RumRunner
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    I'm done now!!! I'm not wait till the 7th or 8th or next raid. I will not play anymore unless this bull **** with the salvs is fixed. Since I started playing this game I have been playing catch up. Now I have to try and catch up to 33, 34 35+ who all got there with easier salvs! This is just another move by Glitcheye that hurts smaller players, makes stronger players stronger AND in theory makes them more money. Well I coin from time to time and you will never get another of my hard earned coins!!!! FIX NOW !!!!!!
  • moto4
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    You are forcing our hand by ignoring the voice of the people. In doing so, you bring the destruction of your iron grip of information ever closer. You have ignored the people, attacked the people and lied to the people. For this, you will be held accountable before the people, and you will be punished by them.
  • lafollette547
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    Congratulation Kixeye.... when you really **** up a good game you really **** IT UP... I WILL NOT BE PLAYING NO MORE TILL IT GOES BACK... All this game is to you so you can charge us money to lvl up and repair our ships... well i i got to say is i hope you go out of business and become homeless
  • Michael1979
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    Kixeye dont care about that . All they care about is your money and how much they can get from you. If you dont believe me just look at what they are doing , they prove it themselves.
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 4
    bey bey MONEY uhhh i mean KIXEYE you onley thinking abouth money hope all players stops and that you will feel it real good what you are doing now moneye making machine.
    And yes i im (whas) a big coiner onley you guy's get way to gready buy me if i can say .
    So KIXEYE thanks for **** up the nice game you had.
    GREETS Martino Monsieurs AKA MAMOTJUH
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