New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Napolean Dinomite
    Napolean Dinomite
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    this is retarted, im now a level 38 and cant open a 37,(29) change it all back, at least change the salvs back and if not then insted of making it un beatible to make it harder to kill make a levl 37 how they used to be, that will be hard enouph
  • CRoNiC_KTA
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    All Battle Pirates players! organising a NO PLAY PROTEST to get kixeye to change their ways! The time period to begin with will be 2 days on the 8th and 9th of October! Get all of your sectors to do the same until kixeye change all of the stupid changes back to how they were! We need to show Kixeye that they are supposed to be making a game, not trying to purely rip us off! Repost on every Battle Pirates sector page, fan page, news page and post you can find! Thankyou BP community!

    DK Clan and most of sector 236 are with you
  • oldfecker
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    I'm not gonna play until you fix this. salvages are way too hard.
  • THE_Yid
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    Hey every one Kixeye wont answer us I for one know for a fact that they can care less about their customers. They will give you the finger and tell you to f off cause they really have no concern on weither we play the game or not cause War commander pays the bills... I will say this game "was" a better game then war commander but now it's a glitchy crap shoot cause they can care less about us and what we have to say.
    Please Show support to The BP alliance crib. good info by the players for the players.
  • TBZombie
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    What can i say? look at the posts Kixeye....
    You will not see 1 single penny from me, not one. you cant even salv enough res to fix your fleets.
    You guys should just say it cost 100$ a month if you want to play...not going to waste me time with this game.
    Will check in weekly to see if fixed other then that i hope the best for all the players , this will cost you kixeye mark my words.
  • MunXy
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    a lot like me making first posts, and rightly so, the greedy people at kixeye have totally f*cked up this game no one can salv or mine to actually make res to research or build so eventually no one will move except the BIG coiners, the salvs need putting back NOW before they lose almost every player and as for the sector "strike" count me and a lot in 455 in, in 24 hours BP will be a dead zone making NO MONEY at all for kixeye and no one will use or trust kixeye games again = kixeye die too.
    Nice corporate decision kixeye, financial suicide bekons UNLESS you pull your head out your **** and sort this right NOW, not tomorrow now, close down and reset salvs or at least take forsaken tech from them.
    your choice guys greed or desrtuction
  • Zephyr
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    Yet another crap upgrade, have you guys not learnt anything?. I have been playing for around a year and you are making it impossible in most areas. Low level players cannot win anything in raids, now a good fleet of SW's are struggling to win against a LV45 Salvo. Ridiculous, you deserve for everyone to boycott this game.

    Have you not gained enough money from gamers so far, you are doing a fine job at driving loyal players away, God knows we have had to put up with enough crap so far.

    What good did the upgrade do us.......... Sod All!!!!!

    Unless it changes I walk!

    Wake up and sniff the coffee!!!!!!
  • Ken Landis
    Ken Landis
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    u guys need to change this sht back this is not even right, greedy ****
  • knightraider
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    the update for salvages is useless, end up spending more resources repairing fleets than actually banking to do research/upgrades. Not worth playing anymore
  • richardt
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    WHATS THE POINT OF LEVELS IF AFTER LEVEL 40 ANYONE CAN BE ATTACKED?? Just eliminate the levels after u reach 40. So far the first hour i see on the changes if the worst sucky thing i have seen in my few months here. Just when i was just getting big enough to help my sector im now the farm for all levels above 40. Oh yea the new res if so much fun too my sw cant even take a level 37 with out an hour repair, thanks again Kixeye for one hour repair for around 2 mil res. Well soon the only thing they will find when my 12hr bubble is up is a destroyed and abandoned base. !!
  • Zephyr
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    People power, boycott the game, without us, the game dies
  • Vulture
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    OK... so you implement a new level system and change my level from 33 to 53... it seems as though you glitched even more experience on to my account. Twice in the past my account xp has increased by Millions over night. Today after the "update" I find that I have moved from 17th in my friends to 7th... do you think you could give me all the things that would go with all these increases in experience? i.e. new fleets, technologies and buildings? Rather than **** the game up even more why can't you fix the **** game operation you **** morons!
  • Jimbo_DK
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    You have got to be kidding-why in the world did you mess this all up. Just about every one i know is ready to bail from this game if this doesn't get resolved. Come ya'll get us back to where we were and having fun with this.
  • whomadewho
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    Another disappointing update I.M.O. This game has really gone down hill now. I don't like the fact that the drac salvage fleets out range my fleet of Sea Scorpion's equipped with sfb3. Horrible update Kixeye!!! I will give a couple of days and if something isn't revised, I will remove this game from my Facebook and find another game to spend my hard earned money on.
    Alliance: unite our states
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  • Steven Brunelle
    Steven Brunelle
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    lol, I'm not saying it has to go back to the way it is, I was almost a 29 and had been opening 33 salvs since I was 19. However, I have a ton of different ship configs and I'm outranged underdamaged and to slow to deal with something that should be a cake walk. Not saying salving should be brainless activity, however I have about 13 hours of repairs now and I took out a 37 salv..... woohoo I'm the man. Try to find some middle ground plz
  • Michael1979
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    LOL Kixeye (glitcheye) Greed will put you out of business. I will be there laughing the whole time. All about the dollar preety sad
  • ubique166
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    all these changes have allowed only 3 things : 1st kixeye to stuff there pocket's even fuller, 2nd insect hitter's aka bullies to continue to be the lazy cowardly bastards that they are, 3rd and most funniest of all it has and is causing a very LARGE number of players to stop playing all together and there will be no more money for the greed filled self centered republican ceo's of kixeye and the insect hitters will find there selves with no bases to hit but there own kind and that is good now all you **** monkeys can get in a circle and **** **** each to DEATH !!! I'm level 32 before the changes and had no problem killing anything i wanted to kill but **** this game now, I was never a bully and never will I be I am a MARINE and plkayed with HONOR something kixeye will never have or the brits that whine about people having bubbles or anything else that they whine about, so **** you kixeye and the brits !!!

    **** Kixeye and the brits??????? You racist SOB!! For your information, a REAL Marine wouldn't insult his allies, his Brothers in Arms, and those who died in the fight against terrorism. You are a disgrace to to your Corps, your Country, and Your people. Thankfully I have served with many, many Americans and your voice, Sir does not speak for them. With 'respect', Kyle, Corps of Royal Engineers.
  • moto4
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    Conspiracy Theory #1: This was Kixeye's attempt to make everyone play War Commander.
    Conspiracy Theory #2: Super Hybrid Monkeys from the planet Xosar hijacked the Battle Pirates servers and changed the salvages to outrage players.
    Conspiracy Theory #3: Ancient Aliens
  • Michael1979
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    The only point to any of this is that they want your money and that all they want.
  • evil john
    evil john
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    up yours you racist twerp coldhardtruth sack of Fertilizer.
    ps text is liable you moron
  • shawn_B
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    Well first out the gate i gotta ask. WTF? is with the **** salvage flts now they have seige canons & seems to have sfb3 or sfb4? this new update is what happens when people sniff too much glue as a kid. I mean really, an sw flt with sfb2 eng2, used to be able to take out a level37 in 1 pass if ran right. now it gets destroyed doing a lev 29 salvage? what's next? putting mines in the salvage battle to make ya have to swerv all around to avoid the mines? A#1 **** up kixeye, get ur **** straight before you do the **** updates.
  • kane_one
    Joined Jul 2012 Posts: 2
    u guys fukkd up lots of ppl stop playing now. gl money hungry dweebs
  • j4cko56
    Joined Oct 2011 Posts: 8
    Someone try to explain this to me....anything above 44 (30) can now attack anyone above 40...which basically means that if you're old level was're totally ****. Old level 35s didn't need res!!! They had the best fleets and the best bases and now you have turned every level 29 into a **** farm, and for some reason, old level 29 (who does need vast amounts of res and experience), can only attack a level equal or greater than them! HOW is this fair! WHY have you let the levels that can flatten anything flatten us...and stopped us level 29s from attacking lower? WE NEED to be able to do that! Why can they and not us!? Not only have you made it impossible for us to attack any bases, but you make it impossible to where the **** do you expect me to get resources to BUILD FLEETS AND A GOOD BASE, Kixeye?!?! I've been flattened by a level 52 already...thats a TEN LEVEL DIFFERENCE! And yet I'm only allowed a FIVE LEVEL DIFFERENCE! Not only that, but the difference between (old) levels 25-30 are tiny compared to levels 30-35! Wheres the justice! It should be the reverse way! Level 52 should have a 2 level range, and 30 or less should be 10!

    Until you sort this out you can shove this crap up your arse, good luck having a game left if you don't.
  • Zephyr
    Joined Nov 2011 Posts: 15
    ubique166 wrote: »
    **** Kixeye and the brits??????? You racist SOB!! For your information, a REAL Marine wouldn't insult his allies, his Brothers in Arms, and those who died in the fight against terrorism. You are a disgrace to to your Corps, your Country, and Your people. Thankfully I have served with many, many Americans and your voice, Sir does not speak for them. With 'respect', Kyle, Corps of Royal Engineers.

    Small minded people with little knowledge of what pride us Brits have in our country and respect we have for our highly respected troops
  • Habwild
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    I have been playing this game for almost 1 year, have seen alot of updates that have been un-popular but this takes the cake. You dont fix this I am with most of the other people in this thread, I just wont play. Would rather pay $10-15 for a subscription to a game like WoW or some other game where they value thier customers and respond to thier input, not ignore them and try to fleece money from them. You have shown you dont care about the people that play this game, just the money in their wallets.
    GO HABS!!
  • Jason Lutma
    Jason Lutma
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    Ahh glad to see Kix is trying to further alienate its player base and force them to coin to do anything in game. I've tried every tactic I could think of to Salv and couldn't touch them without a wiped fleet or dumping 3 fleets on a single salv. I figured out what the new raid sub is for, its to salv! Change this ****. Salvs are so people can actually get resource to build stuff to stand a chance and pay drastically high repair and build costs.
  • Michael Bonsall
    Michael Bonsall
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    alright let me begin by sayinmg i hope it was the installation of these new changes that was causing an abnormal lag in the game like ive never b4 seen.. i am not bothered by the new level changes, but what you did to the salvages is a straight up stab in the back. the purpose of salvos is to get us the extrordinary amount of res that are necessary for certain research and ships, in an easier manner. Espescially when you build an entire fleet designed to defeat these salvos without any damage. I spend maybe 10 -20 dollars a month on this game and its all i can do but now ill have to spend a whole hell of alot more to continue plaing this gam and Im telliing you at Kixeye rt now that is NOT GONNA HAPPEN. this is a sneaky tactic and makes me think this game to you is all about taxation w/o representation. Do you understand what that means????? i feel like you just **** on a whole year worth of my effort and im so angry i can spit. you changed the raids and that sucked and now you make tyhe game **** near impossible for me to play the way we were used to playing it. Dont you know not to mess with a good thing. everytime you guys do something like this you **** me and im tired of it. I am not positive how the rest of the BP world feels about these changes, but if you do not change the salvage system back to the way it was you have collected the last dollar im spending here. Im not dry docking my fleet after every salvo to satisfy your greedy nature for money. This game I know has always been about money for your company but you have taken it to an all time low. If a salvo change is not reinstated into the game and put back the way it was i will actively campaign everyday in comms for people to quit, stop spending money on Bp and anything else I can think of to lower your bottom line. ban My account and i will create new ones under psuedonyms to continue to wreck what you have done to ruin my gaming experience... I cant stress this point or my dissatisfaction any more strenously. I know I am only one but i know i can get many on my side!!!!!!!! Fix this crap now!!!!!!YOU HAVE ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • strongbow
    Joined Jun 2012 Posts: 9
    I have already decided to stop play. Hell you cant even collect cargo res without destroying whole fleets to do so. I went from 30 to 44 and now am wide open to attack from people i have no hope in defending myself from. Whats the point. I have really enjoyed this game up to now. But I just dont see the point in playing anymore. Kixeye you removed the fun of this game for me.
  • jack jones
    jack jones
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    i would like kixeye to change my coin back to face book credits , i am no longer gonna play bp the new changes are rediculess i have a fleet for salvos that get my resorces and now that fleet cant even take a child size salvo ship im done .
  • DOA-Ty
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    I have been gaming online for over 10 years and I have never seen ANY game reverse an expansion like Kixeye has done in the past and now its looking like this might be their only option in the near future. Maybe this will end up with another apology email and another free blueprint? Seems like they do not learn from their mistakes easily at Kixeye.
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