New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Glen Pitman
    Glen Pitman
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    I'm sorry Kixeye but I have invested a lot of time and (stupidly) money on this game and you have just destroyed it with these rediculous changes. There is not enough res available to warrent hitting salvs. The only way to progress effectively now is to coin. You have had enough of my money and this is the thanks I get... I will not be playing any more of your games unless this insanity is reversed. I am furious.
  • Richard.Barton
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    Fixeye you really messed things up with this retarded **** update you know that you wanna make ppl spend their money just to make your pockets are all slime for this and you know that...put things back the way they were. Now drac fleets can hit subs that are under water with siege cannons and all...that **** is crazy!!!
  • AngelsAcuma
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    I've tried 4 diffrend ways to take on a salv without to much damage but this aint possible anymore.
    The SFB3 gets outranged , Subs are being shot underwater, Morts need time so get hit allot by missiles, Cannonfleets well we all know they need to come closer to be able to hit vs missiles.

    So the lvl system for players i can understand, the problem with buddy bubbles and you changing the amount of damage to a base vs bubble time i can live with ..

    But that i can't even open a salv in a normal way without Hours and hours of repair time, this is something i can't understand.
    I do coin some repairs but to coin every 2 to 3 salvs is getting over the top..
    So pls kixeye fix this as otherwise you do lose allot of long term players deu to this UPDATE.
    Would be a shame to see them leave as you should remember they made this game to what it is today.
    They help out new players with salvs so they can grow and explain the game..
    As in the beginning its a hard game but this upgrade took away this part and now new players and old players all leaving will end up in no players at all...

    So again pls fix at least the salvs as this is to much...
  • MikeGribble
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    KixEye, You really need to look at the feedback about this upgrade and make an announcement NOW.
    Where is your Community manager?
    Do You Listen or Care?
  • FrogZilla
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    ok i love the new lvl structures for the bases BUT i hate the salv lvls suck. how is it that a lvl29 salv can have sb3 and u only get 1.2 mill of res outta it? that makes no since what so ever. ive heard that on 8th and 9th no one should play. kixeye would loose thier **** if that happened. everyone stick together and lets get this changed. like i said i love the new lvl systems for the bases but the salvs suck ****. get it right kixeye or you will lose the coining people that dont wanna spend coins just to salvage wtf.
  • cannonball
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    Fix the salvs or lose 85% of an entire sector
  • iceingdeath
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    thanks KIXEYE for completley screwing the game up you make it harder on pepole who doesnt coin the game very much,i was JUST recomending more players i know but now i will STRNGLY sugest thm to find another game to play. YOU made salvs harder therefor now i need to waste more on repairs,crap what were yall thinking, i hope you made money off that last JUNK raid you threw becuse it may be the last you make money off of i HOPE this game bites the dust and yall go broke thanks for another developer team killing a game i have come to love just to line your greedy little poclkets, i will no longer be apart of your bank funds. THANKS for nothing and GOODBYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dreamweaver 123
    Dreamweaver 123
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    Kixeye, I know that yer gonna say that any "non-constructive" criticizm is non-productive and unwanted, but listen up've killed the game, people are quitting by the dozens per hour or more, and I'm gonna join them soon unless I find out really fast that things are going back to the way they were...what are you guys on there?
  • Paul_W
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    You need to change the salvages back before the weekend
  • John1975
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    That is a wrap for me I do spend money I was a die hard mafia wars player and spent well over $5000 in 3 1/2 years time Zynga messed that game up I started playing this one about 3 months ago In that time I have spent about $400 on this game and not played mafia wars at all. If this is how this game is going to be I will block it tomorrow and go back to playing my mafia wars game. Really sux as I just added coins to this game a bit ago that will be wasted. I will check game tomorrow if it is same it gets blocked and I will not check it again ever after that.
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  • TheGrimReapers
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    Kixeye we have had almost 1/4 of our players in our sector quit the game till it is fixed Wake up !!! This new system is dumb and hitting Salvs is now not possible w/o lonbg delays are u kidding us ??If you want any players left u better change it back quickly
  • hackerkiller
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    Fix the **** salvages.....this part of the update is bullshit!!!!!
  • Karma_LS
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    OMG, fix the salvs please!! I have good salv / FvF fleets, and they are all getting killed. I was farming lvl33 / lvl29 salvs before to try to get BPs so I can actually compete in this game. Now it is pointless.
  • Keith Brewer
    Keith Brewer
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    sec 413 is already shut down...the next raid won't be very good either even if they change back because losing time to build new fleets/upgrades/researches
  • iceingdeath
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    oh yeah thanks for makeing it to where larger players can hit me now wasnt like iwasnt allready liveing in a bubble !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad
  • THE_Yid
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    NOTE: Make sure you've read the rules for posting in this forum: . Also be sure to read this post in it's entirety before you reply. Any posts that do not comply with the forum rules, will be promptly removed.

    Greetings Captains! We received lots of good feedback for the proposed new level system and attack ranges post. Again, the goal of updating the player level system is to provide a more accurate representation of each player's experience and power. It's great to see so many players giving constructive feedback on the game. We've taken your feedback into account and now have a new and updated system for attack rules in conjunction with the new player level system.

    Attack Distance Modification
    A lot of you were concerned over the number of attackable targets within your Level range. This is a valid concern and when we broke this down further we found that a related area of the game, attack distance, also played a key role in providing good targets. So we've decided to scrap the 850 max distance attack rule and replace it with a +/- 2 Sector rule. The 850 attack distance penalized players who were at the top or bottom edge of a Sector and also stopped a full Sector from participating in Sector wars. The new +/- 2 Sector attack rule means that all players in a Sector will be able to attack up to 2 Sectors up in either direction. This increases the number of valid targets and sets the stage for even larger Sector vs Sector wars.

    • The 850 max distance for attacking rule is being removed
    • A new +/- 2 Sector attack rule is being added

    Updated Attack Ranges
    Along with the new distance rules described above, we're updating the attack range rules to further increase the number of valid targets, especially for high level players. The +/- 5 Level range is remaining, but would no longer apply to players level 40 and above (currently level 29).

    Attack Range Summary (note all Levels are the new Levels):
    • Attack range remains at +/- 5 Levels up to Level 39.
    • Players Level 40 and above can be attacked by any player Level 40 and above.
    • Note, Levels 40-44 can still attack/be attacked by Levels 35-39 due to the +/- 5 rule still in effect for those lower Levels.
    • FYI, Current Level 29 will be Level 40 in the new system

      For clarification: Level 35-39 can still attack +5 levels, Level 40-44 can still attack -5 levels.
    Combining the new attack ranges above with the new Sector distance range we get the following number of estimated valid targets for these levels:
    • Level 10 has 1200 targets
    • Level 20 has 840 targets
    • Level 30 has 630 targets
    • Level 40 has 420 targets
    • Level 50 has 220 targets
    By uncapping the attack range at Level 40 we triple the number of targets for Level 50+ players from 220 to 640. (Please note: for those interested in the math, we did not use the full +/- 5 Sectors' worth of data here; just +/- 1.5 Sectors' worth to be conservative.)

    In all cases above Level 10, this represents an increase in the number of valid attackable targets over the existing Battle Pirates system.

    Player Level
    The proposed Level system for player Levels is unchanged from the last post. We feel that as long as there are sufficient opportunity for players to attack other players, the new Level system is correct. For reference here it is:

    Under Level 18 stays the same, then:

    19 => 20
    20 => 21
    21 => 23
    22 => 25
    23 => 26
    24 => 28
    25 => 31
    26 => 33
    27 => 35
    28 => 37
    29 => 40
    30 => 43
    31 => 45
    32 => 48
    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59
    36 => 65
    37 => 71
    38 => 78
    39 => 87

    Our goal is always to improve your gaming experience, so we welcome all feedback, including criticism as long as it is constructive and respectful. Thanks.

    this is retarded return it back to normal cause all honestly you already got people ready to quit now you screw the salvs and make it where you have to be a coiner or have 2hr repair bils I'm giving it a week for kixeye to fix this problem and if it isn't fixed by then I quit.
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  • evil john
    evil john
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    wtf were you thinkin it said easier not suicidal.
    are you trying to get people to quit.
    why didnt you just turn it off you made it imposible for lowere lvls to hit salvs heck im 46 and i dont see the benefit in hittin nice salvs.
    no point hittin bases every 1 is scint
  • seaburn8
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    Yes you guys have really screwed BP up completely this time. No warning on the salvage difficulty mods was a really bad idea. I will wait a week an see if you guys actually listen to your customer base, or proceed with the utter demise of battle pirates, mostly out of curiosity. What I want an answer on is why did I go from a level 30 with 2.5 million to go to 31 to a level FORTY-FIVE with 2.5 million to go to level 46??????? Your own breakdown stated that level 30's would go to 43 and 31's to 45. YOU BUMPED ME UP 2 ADDITIONAL LEVELS! Kixeye, you cant even be consistant with anything you do can you? I could see , based on your new levels being made a level 44, that would make sense, but I've come to the conclusion you guys just make this up as you go along. Im not going to bother sending in a ticket so i can get some smug, smart **** response from you guys, as i doubt I will be playing by next week.According to the new level change chart you made sure everyone saw, you couldnt even transfer the math and get my level correct during the changeover. I mainly posted this to see if anyone else experienced anything similar.
  • Kai Victor Hansen
    Kai Victor Hansen
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    Use 2 or 3 sw or ss with eng3, sfb3, assaultmissiles = take out lvl37 fleet except for the dread....use sub or cuda with eng 3 to take out dread....voila no damage....not as easy as earlier, but its a way to do it
    The dread got sonar2 i think so don't get to close....:)
  • Dreamweaver 123
    Dreamweaver 123
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    Kixeye, you're losing players faster than ever, and this time I think you're dooming the game entirely...have you guys there all lost your minds completely??? I've spent a fair amount of cash on this game, stupidly as is getting to be more and more apparent, and a lot of time, and you've made it all worthless...way to go kixeye!!! If things don't change, not only will I not spend another dime, but will not play, and will do my UTMOST best to ensure that a large number of others quit and find a new game to play also. Put the bongs away guys and find your minds, stuff them back into your empty heads and get back to being the great, fun game you started out being!
  • Hicarbon61
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    What are you guys doing?Fix the broken parts and leave the rest of the game alone.Can you tell how good KIXeye is doing?Read your posts!It appears you want to stop free play,I coin a little but am not going to increase the amount,I will quit playing first because of your greed!
  • Teararectal
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    Is this your attempt to make more people coin .... i have a job so i can't spend every moment on here + i have a family so i can't be on here all the time .... would be nice to not get screwed every time you (update) this is getting stupid because it is getting so only (3) types can get anywhere in this game anymore..... 1 - (obviously) coiners --- 2 - people with no life (no job-no family) --- 3 - those that have played for a very long time and got through to the high levels already...... the game is much harder now than before so to compare getting through to the top levels now to getting through to the top levels before realy is not even close to being the same ... even since i started till now is a huge difference ... What i'm trying to say is in making so many changes in such a short time has ONLY helped the higher level players.
  • Electriclineman
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    It took me a very long time to get to level 29.. That being said.. I am now a level 37 but my base is only as good as a level 29 still.. i have been working my but off trying to make my base stronger and also more ships.. i JUST got 3 HH's and 1 BB made.. that took me a looooooooong time.. Now with you new structure i am very very very weak for my level.. What you are doing here is what a lot of other games have done of Facebook... You are making the game impossible to play without spending REAL LIFE MONEY..I dont mind spending some on my own But when i am forced to spend REAL MONEY just to have a chance in a game is complete Bull Crap.... You need to change the levels back to the way they were... Either that or Refund ANY money i have spent on this game and you can have my base.. All you are doing is making changes for a very few that the 90% DO NOT want in any shape or form.. You WILL destroy your own game by being greedy.. i have seen this numerous times and was hoping Kixeye was not one of those.. I was wrong.. Thanks for MAKING people spend money and destroying the game play at the same time...
  • moto4
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    <---lvl 38 and can hardly scratch a salvage that spawns for my own base??? My weekend just got free in a hurry...
  • CRoNiC_KTA
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    Nice 1 kixeye it now is impossible to hit salvs because you get less res than it costs to repair the fllet bases wont be worth hitting because nobody will have any res to take so now we got a game where the only thing we can do is watch comms I won the toilets in the last raid and will never be able to build them now. So me and the rest of the DK Clan will be quitting and going to find a game not run by kixeye to spend our hard earned money on WTG
  • John Trotter
    John Trotter
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    Sorry U have lost a PAYING customer. you have gotten to greedy for me to coin anymore. The bases already have zero res in them to be worth hitting. This upgrade is a shame, I hope u got what you wanted out of this Kixeye....
  • punky123
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    Wow, way to screw up a game kixeye, you've turned BP into the biggest piece of crap on facebook
  • CRoNiC_KTA
    Potential Threat
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    Use 2 or 3 sw or ss with eng3, sfb3, assaultmissiles = take out lvl37 fleet except for the dread....use sub or cuda with eng 3 to take out dread....voila no damage....not as easy as earlier, but its a way to do it
    The dread got sonar2 i think so don't get to close....:)

    and with the res you get from salv it just about enough to repair the fleet you lost so you just opening salvs to repair fleets you lost opening them is it really worth it?
  • Harry Hodgins
    Harry Hodgins
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    This sucks real bad even to get CARGO I know if it stays this way Im packing it in BS
  • Androm
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    And not one damned word about reconfiguring the fleets to OUTRANGE even D53 assault missiles with sfb3?

    ... AND hit subs underwater?

    You might as well say fk you players who worked to get to sfb3 and lt3 - or decent subs, or god forbid, coined to get cudas in a raid.

    Wiping out on a whim all the thousands of players investment in sw/sfb3 tried and proven strategies is hardly 'listening' to players.

    I have to believe kixeye really is smart, keep making what works redundant, there'll always be a mug ready to coin to the next level/prize you now need in the next raid.

    Fortunately, I had my fix, and can happily leave. Take care Kixeye, for one brief moment I thought you had integrity. Now I know you just have business sense.
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