New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Captian Blood
    Captian Blood
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    I was a level 29 now a level 42 and this change means the little hope I had of protection from the higher level players that could not hit me is gone and now I will continually be farmed by all the higher level players that have always looked for the lower level bases that pose no real threat to their High level fleets. They have spent most of their time attacking 5 levels below their tier and would not needed any more targets if they would have attacked all the bases at +/- 5 of their level. Sorry I know crying is unpirate like but arrrrrgh, We will never be able to catch up with them now.
  • Buck Smith
    Buck Smith
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    The folks in 126 are exceptionally angry about the changes on salvage. Most are saying they will quit. I already have. Nice work you nit wits. Your cash registers will rust shut before i spend another cent.
  • Tim_R_Kabooom
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    Worst upgrade yet what the heck were you people thinking. Instead of making a new mess clean up all the other ones you haven't fixed yet. back to the drawing board people. o.O
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    This upgrade wasn't entirely focused on the player and fair game play but on making more revenue for KIXEYE. I don't see the point to continue playing the game anymore as it is certainly too difficult to continue.
  • Keith_H
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    A moderator/administrator or whoever better get on here quick or this game is done!!!!!!
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    Level: old 29, new 42
    Thank you for listening Kixeye
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  • skullarmada
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    I took out a level 37, 29 and 23 with 5 SW's with du3, sfb2 and eng2. I lost 3 of them and the other two were almost dead. It cost me a 3 mil 2 hr repair!! How am I ever supposed to get enough salv for any good upgrade that way. I will not be playing with these salv fleets. This is HORRIBLE!!!
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    well with the salvage ships now out distancing anything on the game i has sure stopped players coining things as there is no weapons to bother coining even d53 with booster 3 witch gives the most distance don't reach with out taking damage that costs you all the resources that you got to repair.
  • Keith Brewer
    Keith Brewer
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    everyone in the sec I'm in is shutting down... this game is actually over with now.
  • silentman
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    I would like just to know why did the salvages became a lot stonger and have got solid fuel booster on them do who just want us to spend money this is not the correct way to level up the game just ridicolus what you did to the salvages
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    For the love of god change it back !!!!
  • forsair
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    I'm not one to moan. The game (my view here) didn't require being changed. Perhaps the level system, but just for clarity...

    Online gaming requires a fine ratio of time, effort, pleasure and finally cost effectiveness giving an overall rewarding experience/learning curve.

    So lets look at the recent updates:

    Time - yes more time repairing to open up cargo that 'was essential' in having the pleasure of being attacked or being attacked. Now time is taken just to repair from open the cargo???? Own Goal

    Pleasure - there's little pleasure whereby progressing is now limited because of the damage taken from opening cargo - own goal

    Cost Effective - neither Time or Pleasure warrant the basis to pay for repairs or updates - own goal

    Finally the overall reward of gaming has been lost by the attacking structure, level of damage taken whilst salvaging and the now 'too competitive' element to hit those lesser than yourselves...whom will eventually run out of cargo because they wont be able to 'salvage without significant repair time.'

    So overall, I estimate a resounding loss for Kixeyes, as is apparent by the previous posts.

    Being commercially minded, I have to question the forethought and serious consideration that these types of updates do for the company, as all the benefit of the game has been lost.

    Salvage to repair after being attack, only to repair the damage from the salvaging, to then be attacked before you can essentially level up to protect you're efforts/or gain pleasure/reward in becoming 'stronger' better.

    As a result...I fear kixeye has scored a resounding own goal.

    Anyone still with me...because I suspect the game now will become boring...'elitist' with an element of repetitiveness...Yawn!
  • moto4
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    Lmfao you f'd this one up kixeye. It's too much change at once for all of us. The salvos require sfb3 and eng3 to hit. What a joke. All my resource fleets are meaningless now they ALL need refit. Thanks for that. I'm still gonna play but you are done getting my coin. Greed will be the downfall of kixeye. Have a nice day.
  • Leanette Champion Petty
    Leanette Champion Petty
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    Our goal is always to improve your gaming experience
    well you have failed, i am done with this game this just spells farm. so lets see how many coiners will play and how many bases they will have to hit when all the non coiners quit playing.
  • rrabbit
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    i will keep my account and keep checking in to see if they change stuff but i will take a break from this game very fast ( i wll coin repairs in base battle or raid THATS IT and my base battle coining is from left over raid money) HOPE YOUR HAPPY NOW KICKEYE or is this being read by the blind heard by the deaf told to others by the mutes?
  • ubique166
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    Thats me done too, a full SS fleet lost to a 45 that gave less than an old 33. You've lost this PAYING customer thats for sure! Who did this update, Apple???
  • tcmorr
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    to whom it may concern !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wth u have taken a game n just bout killed it !!!!!!!the new update play is well lets just say as a player i guess i just got bent over. now i think u better listen real fast !!!!!!!!!! the new system sucks n if knott fixed real fast . ill just bet u lose players so fast ur coin box will b emty inside the mo.i can hit a lvl 23 n lvl 29 salv. after that its dunn. so mmmmmmmmmm what r my thoughts i was lvl 32 now lvl 50 n can only hit 2 lvl salv , flts when u all screww up a wet dream its sad .
  • Ivan Bull
    Ivan Bull
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    I logged in after the new update. Within an hour, about a dozen players have quit (some even scrapped their bases) due to what kixeye did to the salvs. They aren't worth it anymore.

    RIP Kixeye. It was so good at the start.
  • Rick Talbot
    Rick Talbot
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    I'm losing more resources to repairs than i'm gaining by killing salvs due to the increased strength, even the lowest level salvs in my area (29) are giving me significant damage, PLEASE kixeye read and understand our complaints and revert to the old salv strengths, otherwise my only choice is to sit back watch what little res i have get farmed until i'm completely out and i wont have the ability to replenish in turn ending my game lol.....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVERT BACK TO OLD SALVS
  • nsheldon37
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    Drop rate on tier 3 bp's was only 1-2% and now you can only hit 1-2 salvages before needing to repair your fleet?? Can't compete against du4 fleet guarded bases without those bp's and now that there is no chance of finding even 1-2 a week I'm done. Raids had become a waste of time, don't even think the game has anymore day to day value now. Bases will be empty, miners will be the target of opportunity, the repair penalty/resource reward ratio is truely destroyed now. You claim that this is a game of skill, yet there is no skill available that will keep you even partially whole when you start taking damage outside your longest-range weapon. You want to make salvages more difficult, give the ships engines or at best sfb2. Lots of players will still end up taking damage from either but not so much that they can't play a reasonable amount.
  • Rob Griffiths
    Rob Griffiths
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    Having gotten onto BP tonight I'm met with the new changes, we all welcome changes from time to time as it stops the game from getting stodgy and stale. However, I have been reading the feedback in the forum and from the comms in my sector and it seems that a lot of players are either very unsure or are not happy with the current change, I van only assume that if you are a "High leveled" player you stand a good chance, if you are a "low leveled" player you stand a good chance, but what about the "intermediate player"? I am or was a level 32 now a level 49, I consider myself to be an intermediate player and feel that i am now between the "Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" Tonight I hit a level 29 cargo ship and received pea-nuts for it so I then went to hit a level 37 to find that I was out paced, out gunned and out ranged by the dracs, I mean 2 fleets to sink a drac fleet plus the amount of res that was received didn't seem to match the effort. I know that for the most of the new implemented changes we will get used to the but please KIX give us intermediates a thought. I have put coins your way often enough so how about it KIX? Rob..aka Satanic_Avenger_RHT 483 sector
  • Rick Talbot
    Rick Talbot
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    Kixeye please read in between everyones cursing and sarcasm and see the true complaints, salv level is overbearing by a long shot
  • Omega Firesoul
    Omega Firesoul
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    Normally I am conservative but right now I need to really point out, you guy's are F-dumb, you just made it harder to get resources from salvage, i just hit a 45, got 45 minutes of repair and I added up how much I got
    3,271,964 <--this is bull ****, as well as how much is approximately in a 45, either add more res in a 45 or reduce the **** enemy range on missile
  • greendeath
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    wow with the new salvage's you have made it hard for someone who cant spend the money on this game to move foward and easier for players who spend money to push players around
  • seaslug
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    Ok, so, Kixeye, you didn't tell us salvages were getting tougher, and boy, what a f*ckup on your part. Now, it doesn't hurt me - I can still take a lvl 55 salvage with 2 min damage - but - the smaller players? (and some big ones without cudas) are TOAST. 3 hours repair time to take a lvl 37, when as a lvl 29 it was damage free. Its one thing to take away fubbles.... but to screw with salvages? S-T-U-P-I-D. Do you guys play this game at all?
  • Chuck Bouchard
    Chuck Bouchard
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    the new system sucks and that's clearly obvious. i got an idea for ya glitcheye, why don't you improve or add more forsaken stuff instead of always messing with and adding drac stuff. i count 7 drac hull to 1 forsaken hull, improvements to drac weapons and nothing really substantial on the forsaken side. sure you gave us the hellstorm, but it sucks. lose the greed or make the game totally pay to play cuz it suck with you trying to do both. hmh, some free game
  • Larry k
    Larry k
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    lmao your update was supposed to help lower level players and with new salv strength u just killed them all off lmao im lvl 50 and opening a salv aint worth it and soon bases will have no resources and most will b abandoned by the end of the day u want more coin like all companys but **** think this one to much no one gonna coin 4 salvs especially when fewer bases to hit because they all quit lmao nice job ...... im not a rocket scientist but if u r looking to replace some of your bone headed employees shoot me an e mail lmao
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  • skipper
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    Better listen to your customers!! The salvages are way to hard!! A level 45 slavage was a 90 minute repair on my SW's and I don't even know how you could kill a lvl 55 without multiple fleets and spending all the resources gained on repairs. THIS IS A GAME KILLER.
  • greendeath
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    yes what he said
  • Sharon Silvernail Hunt
    Sharon Silvernail Hunt
    Joined Jul 2012 Posts: 17
    Hello Kixeye,You need to seriously rethink this update.Firstly the level changing gimmick is more confusing than ever and is geared more for the high level players which gives people in the middle ranks little to no chance in growing.Also the salvages are totally messed up,people are now taking more damage than res acquired how is this called collecting res? We have been playing BP for a very long time and have become part of a pretty big group with over 80 members and almost double that in friends.We can honestly tell you everyone in our group feels the same way,you have ruined the game in which we loved to play,congratulations.

    Sincerely the UN
  • THE MistahKronic
    THE MistahKronic
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    Oh man oh man what the hell has happened since last night... so now I can't even get tier3???? 33's (what they are now) MURDER me, and 29's dont even drop tier3 anymore you guys wtf lol No "constructive critisism from me, just a simple piece of advice, put the salvs back!
    Sector 66

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