New Level Structure (Part 2)

  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
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    This game is not the same game I started playing a year ago! IT'S WORSE! Instead of changing things to accommodate the coiners..why not fix what's broken so that the game actually works. Glitching on salvages and losing fleets,glitching in bases and losing fleets. Not loading properly by the time the battle loads it has ended. Thats what Kixeye should be worried about. Not rather they are keeping the big spenders happy while ignoring the other players like they don't matter.
    JUST MY OPINION!!!!!!!!
    Sometimes I just shake my head in amusement at the thought of this game ever being playable again! :confused:
  • Jose Prieto
    Jose Prieto
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    same problem for me :-(

    I was going to give the new game play a chance before I stopped giving you my few hundred bucks a month but the salvages had to mess with the salvages as well. What a load of crap I have a level 38 Sea Scorp fleet with assault missiles and SFB3 which I could play for hours hitting what used to be 33's without any damage now I can not even get through the new 33 and get enough res to cover the repairs. Kixeye be prepared for a mass migration of players quiting this game. All ready in coms in my sector since the last update went through there is a few dozen that have signed off opened their bases for players to come get their res and recycled their turrets....Great Job Kixeye on another Fool Proof plan. I hope your **** go broke from being so **** greedy.
  • Brien McDaniel
    Brien McDaniel
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    I knew that kixeye would pull something like this! I'd like to say thanks as well to all the brown nosers out there. Raid after stinkin' Raid and now this,,....tell them now how great they've done!!LMAO
  • DOA-Ty
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    I did not see anything in the update about the salvage changes like this. It seems pretty obvious as to Kixeye's intentions on running this game with the events so close together that you do not have time to build any of the ships you win (unless you coin) and now with taking so much damage from salvage that you spend all your time repairing (unless you coin). The greed is unbearable and I will not partake in funding it any further.
  • Paul_W
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    ya agree - GOODBYE KIXEYE - cant even get res - NOT worth it- you take more dammage than res - GOODBYE anyone know any other good online games
  • Rick Budzinski
    Rick Budzinski
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    kixeye really kicked me in the **** today!!!!!!!!
    Its all about the mighty coin to you isnt it???!!!
    this update really sucks **** and your just trying to get us to coin more.
  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
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    skydiver wrote: »
    What I want to know is if I purchase a 7 day BBL will I loose it if attracted FVF or attack another fleet

    Of course after they make that one official..FvF isnt part of it yet. But they are working on it. How else do you think they will get more of your money you buy it, lose it, want it, or need it. they hope you will buy it back!
    Sometimes I just shake my head in amusement at the thought of this game ever being playable again! :confused:
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    dear kixeye please learn If it's not broken DON'T FIX IT
  • ESC_Jessethebody
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    I will no longer coin while the new salvs are in this game i have been able to easily kill 33 with preds all day and you guys have ruined this game for me
  • Zachman-LWE
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    Your ships move faster and have longer range then my ships with boosters 3 - I am a Lvl 53 player and normally a lvl 33 salvage no big deal but I lost almost my entire fleet with one salvage lvl 55 - now I can't help lower players due to repairs.

    The repairs exceed that of my res reward

    My 1st update that I truly do not like!
  • Elizabeth
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    Wow, FB boards lighting up with people quitting. GREAT JOB Kixeye. MY FAVORITE FARM JUST QUIT you jerks!!
  • Shawn Kelly
    Shawn Kelly
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    not going to play til they sort this out .. its bull ****
    with ppl not salving as much there will be no res in bases
    no res means why hit a base
    especially a higher lvl one
    now anyone lvl 40 will be a constant farm for ALL lvls above them
  • hoppertd
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    This totally sucks. Salvs with SFB4 and 5. Not gonna to work for the coiners cause the non coiners can't collect res and aint gonna pay for a game that sux this bad now.
  • j4cko56
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    Thanks Kixeye...thanks for totally ruining the game. Yet again you make it easy for high level coiners to rape us lower levels, but stop us middle levels from attacking anything! As an old level 29, i can now only attack levels equal or greater than me! HOW IS THAT REMOTELY FAIR! When i can get raped by anyone!!! Why can't i attack my farms like they can?! I cant even salvage anymore, because i cant get them without being killed! YOU HAVE RUINED THIS GAME FOR ALL BUT THE HIGHEST LEVELS! GOOD WORK! STOP trying to re invent the freaking wheel, it was FINE as it was, and you have just screwed it up!
  • MikeGribble
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    Kixeye, I have always tried to stay positive about chnages however the changes made today are nothing short of a joke. I am a level 53 and I cannot take a level 37 Drac Salvage with a SW fleet, eng 3, SFB 3, LT3.
    Take this oportunity to listen to people, revert this rubbish now or you may find you will lose a lot of players.
    Rather than instigate totally unneccesary changes why cant you spend some development time fixing the issues, stop blaming peoples CPUs, Firewalls etc.
  • rrabbit
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  • Black Widow
    Black Widow
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    Well I can say WTG Kixeye...I have adjusted to alot of the changes that you have made. Delt with them accordingly..but this is just way over the top i mean seriously! If you're not a coiner then you don't have a snowballs chance in hell of advancing in this game. Thats what you're saying Kixeye? That's what it looks like. Well I haven't coined nor will I ever coin. Not gonna give you the satisfaction!o.O

    Going to play Pokeys :pokey: atleast that game is consistent with its content...rotfl
    Sometimes I just shake my head in amusement at the thought of this game ever being playable again! :confused:
  • Odins_Slayer
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    Hey do you read post`s in here at all??????????????? God damed you getting greedy eh? wth is this with the salvs fuc me you bloody fubar the game now, its war on comms in all sec`s pleas listen to us really this time you really should listen. It ok to coin but dont think that ever one will and not in tha scala you would like it to be! You screw up a good game and now you have really fubar the game in terms of salv rep cost and what you get really think it over!!!!! NONE OF YOU CAN EVER BEEN A GAMER NONE OF YOU!!
    ODIN 343!!
  • Keith_H
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    Well Glitcheye has done it, I made it to 29 learned from others and passed that on to lower players. Now with the brilliant idea of making salvs impossible to open for newer players and myself you have pushed me out. I was excited about what you posted on the changes but didn't say crap about changing the salvs. Congrats Glitcheye, u have pushed another player out. Hope those ads u r posting get u more income, because u r getting no more of mine!!! Ridiculous!!!!!
    Sector 28
    Coords: 16320,377
    Level: old 29, new 42
    Thank you for listening Kixeye
    10/5/12 "maintenance day" was the day my marriage was almost saved!
    10/8/12 the day life got back to normal!
  • Scott Stercrazy Michael
    Scott Stercrazy Michael
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    I have to say, killing off the attack range is a very good idea. Recently, I have had a few miners that were attacked from two sectors over, but their base was outside their range so I could not retaliate. Now I really can reach out and touch someone! ;D I also have to say I like how you prevent level 35~39 players from causing issues to level 40~44. I was thinking about expanding the brackets to cover larger numbers, but I think this works out better since it is a bit more flexible than simple brackets.

    since they have changed the game so much they lost 560 wz members to the upgrade ty kixeye
  • dmbardsley2010
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    under the old system i was less than 700k short of becoming level 32 and was looking forward to levelling up in the next 5 days, under this system ive got to get over 1.2 million to reach level 49 now its going to take longer
  • renegade01
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    NOTE: Make sure you've read the rules for posting in this forum: . Also be sure to read this post in it's entirety before you reply. Any posts that do not comply with the forum rules, will be promptly removed.

    Greetings Captains! We received lots of good feedback for the proposed new level system and attack ranges post. Again, the goal of updating the player level system is to provide a more accurate representation of each player's experience and power. It's great to see so many players giving constructive feedback on the game. We've taken your feedback into account and now have a new and updated system for attack rules in conjunction with the new player level system.

    Attack Distance Modification
    A lot of you were concerned over the number of attackable targets within your Level range. This is a valid concern and when we broke this down further we found that a related area of the game, attack distance, also played a key role in providing good targets. So we've decided to scrap the 850 max distance attack rule and replace it with a +/- 2 Sector rule. The 850 attack distance penalized players who were at the top or bottom edge of a Sector and also stopped a full Sector from participating in Sector wars. The new +/- 2 Sector attack rule means that all players in a Sector will be able to attack up to 2 Sectors up in either direction. This increases the number of valid targets and sets the stage for even larger Sector vs Sector wars.

    • The 850 max distance for attacking rule is being removed
    • A new +/- 2 Sector attack rule is being added

    Updated Attack Ranges
    Along with the new distance rules described above, we're updating the attack range rules to further increase the number of valid targets, especially for high level players. The +/- 5 Level range is remaining, but would no longer apply to players level 40 and above (currently level 29).

    Attack Range Summary (note all Levels are the new Levels):
    • Attack range remains at +/- 5 Levels up to Level 39.
    • Players Level 40 and above can be attacked by any player Level 40 and above.
    • Note, Levels 40-44 can still attack/be attacked by Levels 35-39 due to the +/- 5 rule still in effect for those lower Levels.
    • FYI, Current Level 29 will be Level 40 in the new system

      For clarification: Level 35-39 can still attack +5 levels, Level 40-44 can still attack -5 levels.
    Combining the new attack ranges above with the new Sector distance range we get the following number of estimated valid targets for these levels:
    • Level 10 has 1200 targets
    • Level 20 has 840 targets
    • Level 30 has 630 targets
    • Level 40 has 420 targets
    • Level 50 has 220 targets
    By uncapping the attack range at Level 40 we triple the number of targets for Level 50+ players from 220 to 640. (Please note: for those interested in the math, we did not use the full +/- 5 Sectors' worth of data here; just +/- 1.5 Sectors' worth to be conservative.)

    In all cases above Level 10, this represents an increase in the number of valid attackable targets over the existing Battle Pirates system.

    Player Level
    The proposed Level system for player Levels is unchanged from the last post. We feel that as long as there are sufficient opportunity for players to attack other players, the new Level system is correct. For reference here it is:

    Under Level 18 stays the same, then:

    19 => 20
    20 => 21
    21 => 23
    22 => 25
    23 => 26
    24 => 28
    25 => 31
    26 => 33
    27 => 35
    28 => 37
    29 => 40
    30 => 43
    31 => 45
    32 => 48
    33 => 51
    34 => 55
    35 => 59
    36 => 65
    37 => 71
    38 => 78
    39 => 87

    Our goal is always to improve your gaming experience, so we welcome all feedback, including criticism as long as it is constructive and respectful. Thanks.

    This has officially become a game for extreme CC users!!! I thoroughly enjoyed my battle pirate days the time that I played~but with the changes that you all make and do not take the time to fix the problems that are already wrong and we complain about makes most of think that you do not give a rats behind about us players that dont coin. I along with many others will try your "new" update for a short period of time but from the looks of it I will no longer be playing your game. Sorry to say Battle Pirates is no longer a fun game its a coiners game! You started getting stingy with your money making and now you have went over board with it. This is BULLCHIT!
  • Androm
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    Lot of anger in our sector, the salv restructure seems insane - and with drac missiles suddenly and mysteriously outranging sfb3, and having a 'laser targeting' hit subs capability, all standard (and long invested in) salv strategies are now outmoded, costly. Helping others to gather res, even gathering yr own res, just became more trouble than it's worth. Let alone 'opening' salv for blueprints.

    Kixeye, what were you thinking?
  • Beast2011
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    All the things you guys could do to make this game better you guys fricken change it so the people who "afford" to coin and advance in this game can be unequal to those who can't afford to coin in this game. I think you should go back to the way it was and don't fix whats not broken. Fix the stuff that is broken. I don't think I will be playing this game much longer.
  • Keith_H
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    Glitcheye u better do something quick, cause this game is going to tank. I have spent very little money on this game but was starting to as I got better. Guess what I wont be doing, spending money to have to repair for salvs. I have to say I had an open mind, but Glitcheye has made it clear that it is all about the coin.....Good Luck Glitcheye, your moneymaker is sinking
    Sector 28
    Coords: 16320,377
    Level: old 29, new 42
    Thank you for listening Kixeye
    10/5/12 "maintenance day" was the day my marriage was almost saved!
    10/8/12 the day life got back to normal!
  • Scott Stercrazy Michael
    Scott Stercrazy Michael
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    i already see an page where pll are saying they quiting if you dont change it back . made it impossiable for the lil guys to open salvo . wtg kixeye all about the money i see . IM RETIREING WITH 560 MEMBERS OF MY GROUP WE GOING TO PLAY WORLD of tanks . no more coin from me either it shows how greedy kixeye really is .
  • Darth Traya
    Darth Traya
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    At least take a pole. Let us vote on what to keep outta this update. If all your players quit.. where will you get your coin to pay your staff kixeye? Everything was fine with this update save for the salvages. Change it back!! Or at least make it manageable for a level 32 (45 now ) player that loves the game and coins alot to get rez. If i cant get rez.. the game is useless to me. I love this game and make lots of friends off of it. I would hate to see it get dumped because its too hard. Its already time consuming. Or maybe come to a compromise. Give us more salvages with some really hard ones.. and loads of lower level ones that we can work up to. I dont want to become a welfare pirate. Havent been one in over a year. Darth Angelus Sector 475
    been to sectors 132, 281, 437, 475 so far
    Darths Rule
  • Platinum_Wikki
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    Well you have killed battle pirates for a bunch of us now. I get $25 a week to spend in this game, with your latest changes to the salvages, you wont get another dime from me. Kixeye you have taken the fun out of the game now. You should try thinking bout the enjoyment that people were getting from playing your game, now it's all about money for you. Guess my wife will be happy now, less game time for me...
  • C sick
    C sick
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    I am ok with the new base levels .. The salvage fleets are way over the top . when you give us no way to win something as simple as res or bps with out having to coin a repair it just sucks.. I do coin some things but i will not coin repairs from salvage damage ..
  • Rick Talbot
    Rick Talbot
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    PLEASE Kixeye read the feedback about salv levels, you said nothing in your briefing about making them stronger. There was nothing wrong with how they were, yes some ppl could kill them easily but that's the point, to get res into bases so they can be attacked. With the new system I will very quickly run out of res without the ability to replenish. Inflate the player levels all you want but please revert back to old salv strength PLEASE.
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