The Base Planner

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    Vlad1 wrote: »
    +1 Lmao. It would solve the problem of the bottleneck at the shipyard too - we would only need one fleet!

    lol - well, we all know alliances like to share that kind of thing between themselves, why hide it :P
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    You rock! This will be used alot. Thanks Kixeye I team.
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    Waypoints or a course for the base fleet would be nice, so if you were not online they would not get stuck in turns. If you were online you could observe and determine any changes that would make it a better base.
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    You are already limited to the number of tiles you can use why should the space you build it in be limited as well?
  • Victor Vaz
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    a storage area attached to the base planner, this way we can put down all walls and wall corners and upgrade them up to lvl 4 then any extra that did not fit in we could store away till they are ready to be place. it can work to store anything but while it is in storage it is no longer accessible.

    All research from a lab will need to have the lab placed, place it in storage and you will no longer be able to research forsaken tech that lab researched. this would prob end up affecting which drac weapons that need certain forsaken tech researched to use. warehouses stored away will not increase your resource max and so on. course any ships that have researched armor and weapons only will still work, what will change is that you do not have access to tech or any lab in storage while building or refitting a ship.
  • Charlie Boswell
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    Thought I posted this already but I don't see it so trying again:

    One additional row and one additional column of terrain diamonds would be nice to have.
    Don't allow design swap until at least 5 minutes after all building repairs are completed.
    I would like to have at least 5 slots for saved designs; if more were available I would probably use them.
    I would like the ability to drag and drop or rotate either the whole base or a selected portion of it within the terrain grid.
    In case one has identical buildings of different levels (warehouses or resources generators), the designer should allow you to specify which one goes where. Given that, the contents after swap should be the same as before,i.e., the swap should not wipe out any resources in warehouses or generators.
    A menu of range circles that can be place by a mouse click, with different colors for different weapons, and an optional manual range circle setting not tied to a weapon (like the movement range on patrol ships) would be nice to have.
  • Tiberius Hawk
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    Here are my suggestions/wishlist for base building mode.
    1. When clicking build layout grid displayed
    2. All buildings and terrain moved to a sandbox without losing or destroying items.
    3. drag and drop items to grid locations.
    4. rotate view of base for all 4 directions to allow proper placement and or top down view.
    5. easier placement method for walls.
    6. showing all the ranges of base weapons and defense fleet not just the turret you are relocating etc.

    As additional suggestions I would like to see the following:
    1. a build/upgrade queue (due to the time it takes to build/upgrade items and base repairs too much time is lost between visits to the game...yes this is for those who have school or work.)
    2. ship refits to be done using dock...player puts in which components they want fitted and as they get enough resources to fit a part to the ship it upgrades the ship with that part (with a build time) refitting part by part until its completed and with the option to refit the whole fleet. This frees up shipyard to build other ships at the same time. If no ships are being built shipyard speeds up the refit process.
  • Mark Wilson
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    um but when r they doing this
    it sounds awesome but we havent seen it yet
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    - Aside from the issues already addressed above (building/tile placement & walls), what do you find is currently the most cumbersome aspect of base design?
    ~~~I know it has been covered before, but there needs to be some way to ignore buildings when placing(or removing) the land tiles. Wether it ends up being a storage building, or this designer window just has various layers for the buildings/tiles you can place, like the BaseDoctor

    - Realistically, how many different, saved base layouts would you actually use?
    ~~~ I think i would have 3 or 4, just to have a base design that specializes against each type of fleet and a somewhat decent all-around base for when i go offline for more than a couple days

    - The default setting for the Base Planner is to always center your base (like centering your text in a Word document). Would you have any need for the Base Planner to allow you to left or right (north/south) justify your base?
    ~~~I agree with what has already been said about being able to move your base as close to the corners of the legal area as possible so there is as much of a sail time as possible to increase the chances of having someone time out

    - If you were to request one additional feature for the Base Planner, what would it be?
    ~~~It was said in the Original post that you would be allowed to play with illegal bases before you save it, and i just wanted to add(if it hasn't happened already) that we should be able to place tiles wherever we want. meaning the white limitation box does not affect where you can place tiles until you validate it
    ~~~I know it says one additional feature but i believe this one is pretty important. To discourage abusing this insta-base ability, there could be a cooldown on making a new base (36 hours, possibly) just so people can't give themselves a new base 5 times a day
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    all i can say is GREAT IDEA
  • Teddy H
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    ^agreed(too short)
  • Perbrill
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    Great idea but a cool down period after being attacked is needed; if after someone preps my base for a base fleet attack i could change where my entrance is or the base design completely.

    Also a feature to be able to rotate the base design would be very useful

  • one-eyed-pegleg
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    i like the idea, it would be nice if you could remove the current wall set-ups and not have to move them or delete them. seems like the majority of the time your moving walls several times to gain the space to move land tiles. So if you could remove buildings and walls and then add them back to the new layout that would be great.
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    Perbrill wrote: »
    Great idea but a cool down period after being attacked is needed; if after someone preps my base for a base fleet attack i could change where my entrance is or the base design completely.

    Also a feature to be able to rotate the base design would be very useful

    Make it so that you can't set a new design while building are repairing. That way, as long as they damage something, you won't be able to.
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    don't like idea of saving layouts. do it right, or don't do it. if doesn't work, tweak it. don't use it as a way to throw something new in every time you might get your **** handed to you. use 1, get it right, implement and touch it up as needed. needs to be a tool to help arrange the base effectively, not so you can whine when someone gets through and put in a different "saved" layout. If you are newer, don't assume you have a bad layout. Sometimes swapping a howi and vm or sent's locations can make a huge difference. Try some different things out! Make the game too hard to actually defeat bases and you turn BP into Farmville part deux.
    Used to have fun here.
  • BigBob
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    I like the ideas knocking about on this.. some good some maybe not so good... one thing I would really like to see is Base Rotation.. if you like your layout it would let you rotate say 90 degrees at a time.. that would save resetting it all to move the entrance and would be a great help.. would also make it a bit more difficult not knowing where the entrance is from when the last attack was
  • Big Smoke
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    any idea when we can expect this to be implemented?
  • Oooshhh
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    It would be cool if there was a way to have it actually change our base when finished. Or maybe I read it wrong. Maybe have it generate a code for the build that can be used to automatically change our base. Also, circle that can be calculated for different weapons that can be used to check ranges.
  • Tofu953
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    stevo7181 wrote: »
    It would be cool if there was a way to have it actually change our base when finished. Or maybe I read it wrong. Maybe have it generate a code for the build that can be used to automatically change our base.

    "When you are finished with your design on the grid, you can save your design, and execute the changes to your base with one click of the mouse."
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    Great Idea, at last something that is usefull..

    Worst thing at the moment is having to place buildings elsewhere by building land masses out of the way in order to move land. Then you have to delete the land from the last end piece in order to get to the part you want to remove or you get the can't create narrow channels. Took me more than 4 hours to redesign my base having to move every piece of wall where you should be able to move a complete row at a time.
    Having to design a base on a diamond shape can be a pain in the you know what, have a base design within a square, would make for easier use.
    Have the ability to rotate your base or even flip it over.
    If in redesign mode there should be a box where you can dump your buildings, turrets etc into without having the need to allocate land to them.
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    To all and to the design team. I have been a strategist for over 25+ years and I really like this game for its strategy based playing. After all the upgrades and new technology I have to say that the "BASE" has become a little too weak. I just got my base blasted by one fleet which in terms tells me that the base defenses is starting to become inadequate. Maybe my design is flawed but nonetheless it still shouldn't take just one fleet to bring down an entire base. With all these upgrades and enhancements for ships, it's starting to become more difficult for the base defense turrets to do their job and that's to protect the base. On one note I would like to see a new feature to be added that would help me to see exactly what is going on during a base attack. I can surely see who attacked and what was used during the attack but I would like to be able to replay the entire battle to see what happened and to redesign the base accordingly to better repel attackers. It is my opinion and from my experience in playing strategy games for so long that a "BASE" attack should be one of the hardest thing that a player can achieve with out the help and support of others being involved. Before I moved my base, I was being attacked by multiple players that involved at least 5 players with fleets that were used in conjunction with each other to achieve the base attack. This was acceptable to me because it took 5 players to completely bring down my base. After I moved to a new location and after the last raid, a single player with one fleet of the new arbiter ships "just four of them" took my base down completely. To me after that attack is when I realized that the base defenses were inadequate with all the new upgrades for ships. The new rocket turrets would be a great asset except that the range for them are too short, all a player has to do is stay out side of the turrets range and pound on them until their destroyed. I think that we need to look at the "BASE" now for upgrades and leave the ships alone for now until we can get better defenses. Like I said before, in my experience a "BASE" attack should be the hardest thing that a player can do with out support of others and no "ONE" player with just one fleet should "EVER" be able to break through a base defenses and completely destroy an entire base.
  • Ray Caldwell
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    Ok . Sounds like that would be helpful , I like the idea but still have so many issues with glitches in game and is my only concern before getting new things added .
    Still rather have my 2nd shipyard lol . Keep it up with the cool stuff
  • Gravy777
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    Base planner looks great. I'd save about 4 layouts, and the only thing I would like to see added is a rotate option, so the base can be rotated with ease and can stuff up people who regularly attack you.
  • Gary Bagwell
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    the biggest thing that would hep is allowing us to store our built buildings so we can rearrange without moving items 20 times or recycling them. I've recycled walls to make it easier just to find at the end some of my warehouses disappeared too. it really stinks to rebuild them to lvl 10 when u don't coin. and other buildings that takes weeks to upgrade lvl ten would not be cool. so just a thought
  • Gilles Lesire
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    To help our developers plan for this, can you provide details on one of these cases?

    Please don't create the option to align your base to the left of the right. The only reason people would want to do is that when their entrance is on the right, they align their base left so you always lose a lot of time just to reach the entrance.

    Forcing people to move around the base or travel a while longer from the right side.
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    The most cumbersome is that they are not square. It makes it a challenge too.
    3 saved base designs would be used.
    Buildings should only take up 2 or 3 tiles if possible
    Left and Right justification is not needed
    One more request would be - Defending our base during attack would be beneficial. If no defending fleet is out it would be useful to deploy one. We also want to use our base rocket when our base is attacked. If they were wiping my base out I would get that one little satisfaction of a rocket hit.
  • Raizer_Of_Hell
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    Using a rocket could be exceptionally useful during base defense. It would be cool if you could set it up to auto fire when the ships hit a certain point. (unless of course they take out your pad before hitting the booby trap)
  • peglegsteve
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    would u be under protection when sorting out the base
  • dizzyduckky
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    Is there a date for the happening?
  • Captain Slacker
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    Swag, First off I will admit I did not sit and read all 37 pages of this discussion so if its been said before I apologize. With that being said the only thing I could possibly want added to the "base planner" would be to "auto store" all buildings and land then have a "build" button to make a new layout on a clean slate being able to add land tiles and then the buildings and the "auto walls" and finally a "go" button or whatever you want to call it to automatically change the base once you are done with the layout. It would also be nice to be able to use this feature immediately after an attack BEFORE the buildings are repaired ( I am not implying the buildings be instantly repaired either just the ability to move them easier) so that way the proposed new bubble system will be much more helpful to the community.
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