erm...i like this game better than bym...but...

Gareth Allott
Gareth Allott
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edited 30 Jan 2011, 10:01PM there any point playing since it's a beta won't they just reset us all to noob's???
  • thekingsteven
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    they cant reset you back to what you already are !!!!!
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  • rmike
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    No most of the resets will be in alpha especially since they are advertising it now. Also you will have the honor of testing the game like we had the honor of alpha testing the game.
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  • Gareth Allott
    Gareth Allott
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  • Jeff Harmeyer
    Jeff Harmeyer
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    Yes, it is good. But if it did reset and our coins were gone, I WOULD CRY! (because I have about 0) and i have epic ships (to me...)
  • Thunor232
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    Why am i getting battle pirates threads in backyard monsters recent posts!!!??
  • Alistair Maher
    Alistair Maher
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    Agree to rmike: alpha is where we got reset many times.
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