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there are a group of 8 new to my sector and they are cheating somehow ...they attack in the middle of the night but then "hide" in thier bases all day we would love to attack back but get "player at base" 20+ hours a day when they are clearly not active.. they say they arent cheats , that kixeye knows of this trick and is OK with it .........i dont see how this is any different than auto refresh or auto clicking to be "at base" when clearly you are not ....does anyone know this "trick" and how to beat it??? ...they have been reported to kixeye several times ..but are still there

User ID: 4673917

User ID: 4663383

User ID: 4666681

User ID: 1556099

User ID: 4669462

User ID: 4664146

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User ID: 4667445
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    tom can you address this issue?
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    tom can you address this issue?

    This cheat is quite annoying. To see "player in base" for over a day. Once, actually 2 days I think. No way someone is sitting there for 2 days clicking on something to keep it refreshing. Please address this. They could be using other cheats also, once a cheater, always a cheater. Can you guys track the cheats they are using. Please address this team that has come to our sector and started talking smack, then used glitches to stay "player in base" so no one can hit them.
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    If you suspect someone of hacking/cheating, please report them through the Hacking and Cheating FAQ, These issues aren’t handled over the forums. Thanks.
    Report hackers and any other problems you may have by sending in a Ticket

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