is it an error? but its good :D

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when i got special edition of gatling truck, made maybe about 40 or 50 gat truck. when i open my WC at the morning its still make some gat truck, but... when my war factory finish making gat truck, and i open my WC again, its become 170 gat truck... its make me confuse... i can use all of them, i can make then in a platoon i can move them in world map.... its become weird too, i opn my WC back today, and i got 22 challengers i am not make it, but i can scrap it and i got the resources.... before rogue assault, it happen too, i gor challengers too.... is it an error? my capacity is 37080/27100 for now...

my user id=26291
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    Please use the support form link in my sig to report this to Kixeye. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended for cheating
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