Repairs are still not working feel free to complain on this thread

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The repairs are still not working when you go off line. I started a repair at 7 am cst today and then went to work (yes i have a job and i could pay for repairs but i am not) and when i got home to night i had 5 hours left on the repair. your claims that off line repairs are fix in false. Kixeye please listen and fix this.

All feel free to complain in this thread although if it is like all of the others Chris will close it shortly. So comment quickly.

Abner Doone
repairs started at 7 am cst and had 5 hours left  then it is now 727 pmft 5 hours l and there is.jpg
  • Abnerdoone
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    The repairs are still not cuing or working correctly why kixeye why
  • hemanthkannadiga
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    YES....PLz....bring back the PREVIOUS REPAIR QUEUE SYSTEm.......
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    Same problem with repairs here.
    Started last evening with a platoon repair before i went to bed, just logged in and the repair was still stuck on the same time it started.
    This game is going to hell the way thinks are been runned now.
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    This thread is just asking to be closed
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  • t0ya
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    its really not working to me too..ive already reported and not a single word from them and they are no still fixing this.Even though im not tank spamming my tanks now cannot be repaired because of the event and i will still lose some tanks in attacking someone else
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