Can i please get some help my platoons wont repair offline

Potential Threat
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MY user id is(3833000) im in sector 132 base is at 158,412 i have put in 4 support email's and i got all the reply's sayen you have goting my email. When i try to leave a platoon to be fixed when im off i allways come back to the same broke platoon and it has the same amount of time needed to be fixed that it did when if loged off. last night i left my on base platoon to be fixed it said 8hr24m to be fixed i loged off at 12:00am on the 28th i have loged back in its the 29 and 10:15pm less then 2 hrs from the time i loged out the day befor and still 8hrs24m left to repair my on base platoon. CAN I PLEASE GET SOME HELP
  • Fearnox Mellin
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    Sorry no answer but am watching this as it's happening to me too, noticed after they changed the staging area to create platoons, please someone tell us why its happening....
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