Not fair...

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this is not fair ..iam stuck on loading for 7 days. now i cant do the event.and i cant win the new car guner.. iam a player like olher why i cant do the loading.. i try all stuff ,and ticket.
but dont works...... now i want to know ...what hapend to the pll cant do the loading and cant do the event? iam nivel 27,almost pass 28. ezy event if works... tell me what go hapends to my game now?
  • GixxerDaveNeo
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    Ricardo, I'm in the same boat as you. Nothing yet and 7 days of "loading sector" issue. I'm in sector 105....
  • Dan Jackson
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    Only thing missing from this is seeing toys being thrown out of the pram ;)

    On a different, less ideal note. Try turning of your firewall and loading the game then.
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    We may change this
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  • ricardo2
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    i did . turn off my firewall .and olher stuffs ..i try all.belive me.
    and iam on sector 143.
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