please help !!

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still cannot login , stuck on 'loading sector'
but mine friend told me , I am at base??
ID is: 5140099

left 2 day for the event =( still cannot login :(:crying::crying:
  • GixxerDaveNeo
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    I can't send you a personal message, getting message 1009 or something
    I have been having the "loading sector" problem for 7 days. User ID 4199264 sector 105.

    FYI: i have tried all the troubleshooting and multiple computers.
  • GhostRid3r
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    i believe the problem is the server needs a restart you might have loged out but the server thinks you are online
    its a thought maybe it could help so if david sees this he might concider the thought
  • H20
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    when I stuck on 'loading sector'
    my friend msg me on FB , I am at the player base =(
    think some bug , even i at my friend house use his PC also cannot log in same stuck on 'loading sector':(
  • Jobo Banta
    Jobo Banta
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    anyone else having this problem? was able to log into the game.. but very annoyingly being booted out from time to time... saying that i have been disconnected..

    looking at the FAQ... they are saying probably something about the intermittent connections that are not noticeable when browsing...

    but i am sure not in my case... as i am also playing a MMORPG and have been online the whole time this happens here in WC....

    appreciate if anyone can tell me any workaround if not how to resolve the issue...
  • yeahthatguy
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    I am unable to log into the game, I have tried three different computers, cleared cache, updated all that could be updated, tried Chrome,Firefox,Internet explorer and Opera as well and no luck. All i ever get is "Please wait connecting and the spinning gear" .

    Your User ID is: 5994673 please help.
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