AirPlanes HELP!!!!!

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Ok maybe I am overlooking the obvious idk... However I am ofc new to the game and just finished researching and building my first few Airplanes. Problem is I havn't the faintest freaking clue how to deploy them or add them to my Battalions. When I am in the manage/create battalion screen they don't show up :confused:. When I open the airfield it shows I can build them and the room I have for them but again no where to deploy them. Please Help!!!! :worried::mad:
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    try attacking a low level NPC base (non player), when you start your attack in the upper left it shows your platoon. its hard to see and i missed it as well. theres a folded tab there for your planes. click it and it opens up and you get a counter with a plus and minus sign. click the plus one time and you get one plane and your mouse pointer becomes a red curser to click what you want it to attack. you can deploy all of them or just one at a time or take away one..... just play with it after you take aout all the npc peeps but not the buildings. I am still new to it so I can give you much more than this.
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