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Bill Fussaro
Bill Fussaro
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Can this FB game be played on iPad2? Wondering, i'm thinking of getting myself one..

  • Tom Borland
    Tom Borland
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    Only if you can find a way of using Flash on an apple product
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  • Pirate_Steve
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    Yes, but not well. There are two apps that I use, iSwifter and Photon. They are both $4.99. You cannot micro ships worth a spit, but, you can log on and do other things. Attacking and what not is fine, if you don't need to micro your fleet.

    edited to add, oops, how did I get in WarCommander forum? lol. In any event, I have not tried the apps on WarCommander, only Battle Pirates. I would assume that you can use the apps for WarCommander also.
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