my account suspended

Tareq Taha
Tareq Taha
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hello my account suspended before 4 day and No reason maybe because i have large amounts of xp gain in a short period of time, many people get falsely accused of cheating when you spend big bucks on the game, it is unfortunate that you have got suspended but usually they have a reason
more thing i attack platoon dead nother guys if u cover hes platoon way and u kill that platoon ahve no to go sow is not cheat is war comander bug for u on mistake i might miss event to can plssssssssss u gusy open my account before event .

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    Talking about why someone has been block on forums is breaking the rules please wait for a reply from your ticket, do not post another thread about this problem thank you if you have not sent in a ticket send one please
    Report hackers and any other problems you may have by sending in a Ticket

    If a MOD or a CM remove/close/edit/delete a thread or a post, there's a reason for it. Re-posting the same post/thread is a violation of forum rules

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