Taking out Mortar and Gun Turrets - (How?) Best way??

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I am having issues on how to take out Gun Turrets and Mortar towers. Every time I go in to a base , they flatten me before I can get hitting them.. Any help is appreciated.

I am Lvl 16 presently/:crying:
  • Garrett Elmore
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    razorbacks can attack gun turents at a safe distance and any air power will destroy motors. attack wisely, if a gun is far away from motors attack it first and work your way down them. And always take out as many units before attacking turenst.
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    Use Air Units to take out mortars and ground units to take out Gun Turrets.

    Your best bet is to hit the lone ones on the outskirts. Carefully approach mortars and take them out first with Air Units and then come into the ground and take out Gun Turrets. I try and take out as many Mortars as possible before committing ground troops to sweep in and take out the Gun Turrets before just turning Rubie on and letting her do the rest.
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  • Randallman
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    Are you talking about rogue bases or player bases?

    Rogues are all pretty simple because they almost never have a mortar & a gun turret paired right next to each other until the high level bases.

    As noted, you use the proper units.

    In all cases, turn RUBI off.

    1: Gun turrets: Level 6 razors and level 6 tanks (other than rhino) all out range gun turrets. If a mortar tower is not close by, just use these units to pick off the gun turret.

    2: Mortars: Mortars don't shoot air units. Use copter drones, cobras or warhawks to take them down as long as a gun turret is not close by. You will need level 6 cobras or level 6 warhawks to pick off mortars on higher levels due to the needed extra range these levels provide.

    Since mortars out range gun turrets, it's usually best to take out mortars first when possible. You typically cannot take out all of the mortars first, so take out the ones you can and this will expose a couple of guns that you can take out with your razors (at your level it is doubtful you have tanks at level 6 yet). Then repeat.

    For players, you need the same units minimum, but the strategy is more difficult since pretty much every player has learned to set their turrets in pairs next to each other. Paired turrets present a problem. You can't get to the gun turret as the mortar slaughters your razors or tanks. And you can't pick off the mortar with air as the gun turret shreds your cobras or warhawks.

    There are three methods that work:

    1: Mortar baiting. Basically you send a cheap fast unit like a single rifleman in at one angle to draw the mortars fire and just keep moving him back & forth (he will outrun the mortar shells, as soon as the shells hit behind him, turn him around and keep repeating). While the mortar is firing at your bait, send in your razors or tanks to take down the gun turret. As soon as the gun turret is destroyed, end the attack and then kill the mortar with your cobras. It can take some practice to get this bait dance down pat. If your bait gets killed, end the attack while the mortar shells are still in the air and your razors won't get hit.

    2: Tank rush with sucky baiting. OK, lets say you suck at baiting (or need to bait multiple mortars at same time like in a large or giant depot) but have some level 6 challengers. First, set up your attack wave by placing your challengers in a line out of the mortars range. Get your bait in position to come in from a different angle. Send in the bait drawing the mortar fire and send in the tanks. Even if you can only bait the mortars for one or two rounds, this .... and the fact that your tanks in a long line means that only one or two tanks can be hit at a time means the tanks will usually be able to take down the gun turret before all are killed.

    3: Infantry swarm bait: Basically like #2 but instead of a single rifleman, you send in a big number of riflemen (like 30-plus) spread out in a line to distract the mortars while the tanks take down the gun. I've not used this method myself but others have to take large depots from me with grouped towers. However, these same players have not been able to take a giant depot using the same method.
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