KIXEYE read this please!

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I am part of a clan with over 400 members who most have signed their names on our main page on Facebook if the platoons auto repair is not solved soon we will be leaving this game! we love this game but it has now gone that repairing takes up a lot of our time and people have been playing the fun side of the game less!please bear in mind that not everyone can stay on this game 24hrs a day keeping up with repairs and the amount of time it takes to replace a platoon..We need auto repair back asap.I have seen that you have wrote back to other people on this issue but you guys need to work quicker because our interest in this game is rapidly going down...
thank you for your time if you read this kixeye.
regards steve
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    Please send in a ticket about this problem, they will be able to help you out there
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  • stevegt
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    thanks hitman.
    i have sent the mail to that address.but i would just like to see auto repair feature back as lot of members and myself are just p off with the amount of time repairing and not enough playing the game.
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    We at [FBA]Clan, 50 members strong feel the same way. If this is not resolved soon we will not be playing this game any longer. This is absolutely crap to expect players to come on every 3 hours or so to repair a single platoon. Very very bad decision made here, please fix.
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    Do what I want RIGHT NOW or the puppy gets it!"


    I can't get the scene from the movie Blazing Saddles out of my head where the new sheriff holds himself hostage by holding a gun to his own head.

    Kixeye isn't going to respond to your threats to quit or comply with your imposed time limit, so you might as well delete the app from your facebook page and quit now.
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