Offer us some awnsers KIXEYE!!!!!!!!!!!

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To the guys at KIXEYE,

I know you guys have a PR guy and I think it would be nice if that person was used for this situation. With the updates performed on 6-18-2012 there has been A LOT of unhappy users and most likely throwing rumors around that you guys are looking to increase your bottom line with this change. I think you own it to us all that instead of a statement saying; We are working hard to correct the issues and we do not have an ETA of when these problems will be fixed, corrected, and/or addressed. If you guys are looking to increase revenue then by all means please come out and say it. If this happened to be an oversight during the development process; then again please let us know.

You have created a lot of unhappy customers in this process. I think the time should be taken by the people at KIXEYE to perform a little "Damage Control" in order to save face along with possibly keeping the current players/customers you currently have along with the possibility of having customers that have already left come back. The possibility of gaining new customers with this current unease of players it may even be hard to get new players/customers to even consider playing.

Personally I would just like to hear the reasoning for the "Political" anwsers and the avoidance of explaining to others what exactally is a solution the KIXEYE is coming up with to solve these issues.

I am not a player that spends money on this game but does that make me any different then a customer that does spend money playing this game?

Again KIXEYE, PLEASE offer us some insight on what plans, if any you guys are working on to make the experience of playing your game(s) better and in the future maybe it would be a good idea to listen to your customers on what could make a game they play better.

Thomas F.
Also a concerned player.
I'm an ELECTRICIAN not a MAGICIAN!!!!!!!!
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    I did spend money but not anymore. That will be the major effect of the 'update'.
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    hey bud go back to the command center they responded hours ago read thread
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    Thats a start and I guess if it diden't get burried at the bottom of a list and they make this a sticky that is close to the top and could be seen better I would not have wrote the post but since you have to seek it out it makes it almost null that they posted. Can we get some sort of time frame of when these will be addressed along with better clairfication of what we should expect during normal game play?

    -Will you still have to que the repairs for units?
    -Will units do a "auto repair" if you are not logged in?

    Without knowing what and how the game should play during normal operation(s) it is hard to even know what should be addressed and who is having issues.

    Again, if the thread that has a release from KIXEYE was posted better for others to see this post most likely would have never been created.

    I'm an ELECTRICIAN not a MAGICIAN!!!!!!!!
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