I'm in a good mood, here's some strategy tips.

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Been playing a while now, have had my gripes, reported a player, and quit playing a couple of times since I came on board nearly when this game started... My patience for its development sucked, I admit that! And I want to commend the devs on what I think is the best free game around - I wouldn't dare spend time on anything better than this, I have other s**t to do.

The map stuff is awesome and I actually notice myself feeling excited about new changes which is unheard of for me with a game. I got addicted to "Halo Wars" for xbox a few years ago which is what made me like this game so much.

My gift back, maybe for negating any negative karma I may have incurred (lol) for griping earlier.

Yeti's strategy tips:

I never initiated an attack when map started, and only once now I have done so because of a friends' alliances' enemy list. Don't initiate attacks, let them come to you, then take all their stuff in retaliation.

Fully upgraded cobras outrange the base turrets on tiny bases
Fully upgraded rocket buggies outrange base turrets on tiny and small bases (be careful with small but it works)
Fully upgraded Rhinos outrange base turrets on medium bases
Fully upgraded Razorbacks can take out turrets on medium bases when the mortars are placed even directly behind them
A fully upgraded thunderbolt can take the fire from a tiny base turret on one pass (add enough thunderbotls and take out the entire deposit on one pass)
there's more but I forget now.

The point? You can create a platoon of rocket buggies and take out any tiny and small deposits you need to while you're waiting for the slower cavalry to arrive at the larger deposits you need to take. Rhinos are also considerably fast at traversing the map.

Try clearing mines first, then using a suicide bomber to draw and distract mortar fire. Takes a bit of practice but done right, you can take out anything with zero losses - and fast. Suicide bombers are extremely resistant to mortar fire and their speed makes them ideal dodgers.

Still outrange everything except mortars. Don't forget about them, a wave of 15 is pretty deadly and opens up new strategy for taking out turrets while leaving mortars un-triggered.

That's all for now, happy hunting everyone, if I remember more and feel like posting, I will.
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