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Paul Przybylski
Paul Przybylski
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Are you tired of getting asked by **** alliances who will only consider you a number? Are you tired of coming on to play, finding your base in shambles, and none of your allies on to help? Or, are you sick of listening to cocky alliance members talk crap in chat? Well im starting a GLOBAL alliance. It will consist of AVID DAILY players, who are lvl 26+. This alliance will consist of members from ALL sectors, who are willing to move in an instant and fight. Call it special forces, we will not have a name at first. IT will be secret, NOONE is to reveal that thier in it, just like fight club, the only rule is " DOnt talk about it"! Im sick of cocky alliances ruining the game, its time we built the ultimate one, with no hierarchy, everyone has an equal voice. Sorry we cant have lower lvl members yet, we must build first. once we are established, all lower lvl players will benefit GREATly from us, cause we will wipe the sectors clean of bullys. I promise that. Every one let me know what they think, I will be starting it officially in a few days, i just wanna get a rough idea of a few people that are down. Thanks Guys, COMMAND ON! PaulP LvL 29 sector 8 (sector 8 is only where im at now, wont be for long)
  • Geoff Smith
    Geoff Smith
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    i would like to join,im in sector 1 im lvl26
  • vasucci
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    when i hit 26 I'm in
  • Flo
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    I love how you say it is secret and you aren't allowed to speak about it(what you did)
    And you keep contradicting yourself. You say that people are sick of alliances recruiting and it's this what you are doing
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