Alliance War

  • James Thomas Ellison
    James Thomas Ellison
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    Will there be a free option to change your game name to reflect this new update and let people know that you are part of whatever alliance ? Hope so, spending $ on something so simple is ridiculous (yes I know WHY they charge, it is still ridiculous )
    It's a pirate game, quit your cryassing already 
  • James Thomas Ellison
    James Thomas Ellison
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    There should also be an option for those in your clan to view their bases (Instead of spectator mode) That way you can look at their base get an idea and maybe help them with theirs. .

    If they are in your alliance, haven't you already friended them ? If so then you can view your friends base already. I'm sure you know that, hopefully anyways lol
    It's a pirate game, quit your cryassing already 
  • loovulkats
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    How will one alliance know who is a member of another alliance? I have not intention of spending money to put a target on my back. In fact, I have no intention of putting a target on my back for free. My fellow alliance members know I am a member. I see no need for you to know.
  • CharlatanUK
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    To start, I'm part of a minority who wish there were no formal alliances. When you implemented that in BYM, I stopped playing 2 months later cuz it became a lot of work, and discussions, and politics and so on. Ruins the fun.

    Now, if it is inevitable, I like Rufio's original post in this thread.
  • Jonjon212
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    when are these updates supposed to be released?

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  • KIXEYE Swag
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    Thanks for all the feedback you provided on the topic. Your opinions have been compiled, filtered and passed on for the developers to read. At this point, the window to help shape the future of this feature has closed, so the thread is now closed as well.
  • Darth Caligula
    Darth Caligula
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    Ideas for Alliance Wars

    consider these thoughts for the future:

    1. All alliances receive a base flag for identification purposes(this can be done for free at see above example)
    2. All alliances must has at least 10 members to be able to register as an alliance(more encouragement of team work)
    3. Make a registration page available for all alliances to register and copyright their name
    4. Have a limiting system based on the number of members(min 10 - max 100)and their collective levels not to exceed 1000
    (ex....1000/35=28 member limit, this way it provides a balance for all the alliances, not just the big guns)
    this will also provide the opportunity for lower level players to gain experience and growth in a constructive manner
    5 publish a monthly alliance ranking report so everyone can see where their alliance is ranked #1 thru #100 with the rest
    receiving their appropriate ranking just like the leader boards now.
    6. Host alliance tournaments on a monthly basis so that all the alliances can complete, instead of having all these raid
    events, with group prizes for the winning alliance(spread the wealth so to speak)

    this could the next growth opportunity for bp and would encourage more new players to get involved in the future!

    Think about it KIXEYE!
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    Dark Knight
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    "You never saw me....I was never here......"
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