Stalker Submarine Balancing

  • Ian Smith
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    I like the idea of improving the stalker i have tried them already in an anti submarine configuration and ended up scraping them. But frankly while i am limited to a total of 60 ships i dont see me ever building another one. If you want to see these used more then allow some kind of dock upgrade that allows for a higher total number of ships. and note i say ships not fleets
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    I still maintain they are best used as flower pots.
  • WokNok
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    I will never build them..ever waste of time and resources.. I laugh at people when i hit their fleets that have stalkers. They take hours EACH to fix lmao...whatever I'll just keep sinking them
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    WokNok wrote: »
    I will never build them..ever waste of time and resources.. I laugh at people when i hit their fleets that have stalkers. They take hours EACH to fix lmao...whatever I'll just keep sinking them

    well woknok, I have 6 stalkers & after re-equipping mine with new specials I'll take U on anytime...wut sector? hope you're not same woknok who hit my base lmao. lvl-33 or 34
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    Hope to see this soon.
  • freestylepnk
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    Remove one of the armor points on the stalker. A submarine should be using stealth and positioning as their armor. Plus nobody wants a 20 hour repair time for 4 ships.

    Add a 3rd special. This will allow engine, sonar and a weapon booster or thrusters to be placed on it.

    Having 4 torps on the stalker = good.
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  • JoeFri85
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    Still slow as fk and easily blitzed... still fine with my choice to scrap the 4 I had.

    edit: till you lower the repair time, not worth the trouble. Any idea how long it takes to rank up a fleet that takes 20 hrs to repair?
  • Hambones
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    That would make a BIG difference to them. Please do it.
  • SoCal
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    yea my stalker sub gots DU4 havok torp 4 and thud 4 and its densely putting a total of 9h30-45m repair time for just 4 and a sw

    and if u want your Stalker subs to move faster throw engine 3 and thrusters 3 on it for even better turning
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  • Dread Archon
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    its a sub, its under water, it should be slow....have you ever tried to run underwater?

    Your logic is inherently flawed. Subs don't run. They are propelled by relentless turbines and (modern subs) are powered by nuclear reactors. Most nuclear submarines can maintain speeds of 35 knots (or since the game lists speeds in miles per hour, 29mph).
    Remove one of the armor points on the stalker. ...

    Add a 3rd special.
    +1 This is the best idea.
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  • DirtySLT
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    kixeye quit ruining the game, most of the new stuff that u keep handing out is just taking the game down hill
  • wizzpete
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    Stalkers can be a problem, especially if you come up against them in your unarmoured missile SW. The biggest problem with stalkers (and why I only ever built one and wondered why i bothered wasting the dock time and resource) is the repair time. Sure, they can still be useful, can still be a pain to unsuspecting FvF jockeys and quite good as base guards except for their one, huge, humungus, enourmous flaw. Repair times.

    Why use them at all when one tough battle ties your dock up for nearly 4 hrs a boat? 20hrs to repair a fleet that's sunk. really? explain again how this makes stalkers any better than SW with SFB missiles for anything? Until you address this major flaw Kixeye, no-one is going to build them.
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    Thanks for all the feedback you provided on the topic. Your opinions have been compiled, filtered and passed on for the developers to read. At this point, the window to help shape the future of this feature has closed, so the thread is now closed as well.
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