Spectator Mode

  • bees
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    I love this. You can now see what the foe has on his fleets so you know what fleet to send in.

    LMAO so now all people can get the builds people have worked out to get and make. I believe noobs like you think this is a great option since you clearly have no clue on building fleet!
  • OldGrumpyKillerKoala
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    Pete W wrote: »
    And Socialism comes to Battle Pirates. Got a great base? Now you'll have to let anyone copy it for free,without putting any work in themselves, and without any loss. Great FvF tactics? You have to share! After all, why should anyone get ownership to anything they've worked/ paid for, without sharing it with everyone else?

    So you must play with yourself because nothing is secret in this game. I try to learn from my attacks/defends not just mirror my attacker- I want to win so I adapt. When someone comes up with a new technique or combination that is successful - the word spreads very quickly.

    A side note - least this has the potential to make it easier to report a suspected glitch or hack user - witnesses available to confirm,defend or deny the claim.
  • gandalfur5
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    ok all these new features and the one i think would be the most important of all is when we can use comm in widescreen??????? in reality battle pirates is slowly turning into a cc game as well as many others - guess time to recycle all resource makers and have a friend clean up the rest
  • PiratePrincessPP
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    Fantastic feature! Besides learning a lot from others, they can't lie about their hits. :-) AWESOME, can't wait!

    Can we view only our sector, or any sector?
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  • sputtle
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    There is currently no way for a 3rd party to view a battle in progress.

    We will be implementing a feature that allows any player to view a “Fleet VS Fleet” or “Fleet VS Base” battle. Any player can use the mouse to click on a battle and view the battle as a spectator only (cannot participate in battle). Spectators will not be able to view submerged submarines.

    There will also a feature that announces when battles are taking place near your base in the Comm (chat window). This feature can be easily disabled if you do not want to receive battle notifications.

    As Battle Pirates is a Massively Multiplayer Online game, we feel this will greatly enhance the effect of being an open-world game. The game has a strong emphasis on competition, so it only makes sense to grant anyone the ability to view players competing with each other.

    THANK YOUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111one

    Would any player be able to view any other player's battle? Regardless of sector, alliance, war state, etc? Is there a maximum amount of spectators per battle? Please answer, we're all very curious! :)
  • Vulture
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    Great! Something else to make the game even more addicting, lmao.
  • Captain_Shums
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    I think that this will be an awesome feature, it will be so much easier to show players battle tactics instead of having to try and explain it. Also, will there be a limit to the number of people who can be viewing any given battle?
  • Brian Coletta
    Brian Coletta
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    Do we have to have a ship or our base within a certain distance to make this happen, or can we just view anywhere on the map and just watch?
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  • DarkGuilty
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    the only problem with this is it better not effect the ability to play since spectators could have a crappy computers and make create lag in the battle... sorry mean "crappy internet"
  • belford1
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    if the the attacker has an option to either let people view or not .. great . If not... new game .. taking my $ elsewhere :)
    i can barely play now without glitches, lag and white screens.. what is this going to cause :(
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  • KravenBlood
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    Yeah granted it may be cool to watch others fighting. But lets get serious way too many bugs already loosing fleets to a battle that I cant even join because the game says battle has ended. Going to put more connections into that battle to make it even slower? Winning will be about lagging other people out rather then skill, fleet build, or strategy. Please dont f the game with this
  • roaddriver
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    i like it as long as we can see salv battles also
  • Hotstreak69
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    sounds great but you guys are throwing alot of stuff for yourselves too work on you still have some major glitches that need worked out very badly and your throwing in more major stuff i am not excited i am happy you want progress but fix it before you do it lol
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  • Nems Bond
    Nems Bond
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    seems good...I think the feature to be alarmed about battles around his base should be controlled from the radio tower as it would make the game a tiny bit more logic?(would give some use to it)

    Oh no...

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  • Tonka
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    There is currently no way for a 3rd party to view a battle in progress.

    We will be implementing a feature that allows any player to view a “Fleet VS Fleet” or “Fleet VS Base” battle./QUOTE]

    Good idea but I only want people in my friendlist to be able to watch my battles. I dont want non friends to see what ships I use and how my base looks like. This feature should be optional!
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  • andyedm85
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    about bloody time!
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  • Remco Volatile
    Remco Volatile
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    sounds great but you guys are throwing alot of stuff for yourselves too work on you still have some major glitches that need worked out very badly and your throwing in more major stuff i am not excited i am happy you want progress but fix it before you do it lol

    Agree, quality over quantity. For me this new feature of viewing battles is the one of least important ones.

    Tonka wrote: »
    There is currently no way for a 3rd party to view a battle in progress.

    We will be implementing a feature that allows any player to view a “Fleet VS Fleet” or “Fleet VS Base” battle./QUOTE]

    Good idea but I only want people in my friendlist to be able to watch my battles. I dont want non friends to see what ships I use and how my base looks like. This feature should be optional!

    I would prefer that only my fellow alliance members can view my battles.
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    robertg wrote: »
    ah ackabar and dredbull, kings of the trolls in the frontline together.
    all go to sleep, there is nothing to worry about, game is just fine, you just need to change all your settings to reduce lag a bit, offcourse all the new players will understand that and do that at once to play this wonderfull game.

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  • adjensen
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    Apart from the lag concern, which is likely a major issue (one of your buddies getting hit? Put everyone who's awake on Comms into the spectator mode and lag the poor sucker that's attacking into failure,) I see two fairly obvious problems.

    1) When you are attacking a base, someone can jump in, see what weapons you have, announce them on Comms and then also announce when you're getting ready to finish, so that the snoops outside are more likely to hit your fleet on exit. Take out the ability to "jump" someone coming out of a base when there's a Spectator, that would solve it, but then you'd just make sure that there was a friend watching all of your battles to "game the system" and never get hit.

    2) This will allow any level of player to sit and watch a sector, jump into base attacks, no matter who is doing them, screenshot the base and post to their friends -- effectively building a catalog of every base within reach. We already do this, to some extent (I screenshot every base I don't hit routinely and make available to anyone who wants it) but there is both a limit by level, and a warning to the player that you took an interest in their base. A couple of us in our alliance run around and jump into new bases for a quick screenshot, even of bases we have no intention of hitting, but we do often get a target painted on us for doing it -- the price of being a Paparazzi, which this feature will negate.

    I don't see easy solutions to either of these, apart from giving you the option of turning off Spectator access, which would help the first, but not the second (if not allowing people to watch your base getting hit would be a preference, stored for when you're not online, who on Earth would allow it?)
  • CEZccq
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    i think for this.. there should be an option to turn these features on or off.. maybe i dont care if bases near me are being attacked and dont want some message popping up telling me about it.. or i dont want people watching my attacks..

    the radio tower seems like the place to do it from.. much the same as the emails telling you when your base is under attack
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  • Barron Klima
    Barron Klima
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    Love all this patrol fleets,battle view **** Swag you the Man!
  • WeThePeople
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    I like this idea. But i feel there will be prob's with more glitches and more lost connections in battle.
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  • salvage
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    oh lord... I love the idea! but i can see the lag now!! thats something else that alliances will use, I am sure.
  • Stephen Hood
    Stephen Hood
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    Not a fan of the alarm on attacks but hey I will deal with it .... but this watching battles GREAT !!!! Think can learn enemy manuvers and help a friend to learn
  • deepsix
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    I like most find this intriguing but agree that the lag issue is not worth the addition. If impemented I would want control over on or off. Also I extremely disapprove of the warning feature for all the prestated reasons.
  • Dark_Matter
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    Personally, I would like to see this integrated with the alliance option, as in, rather than knowing who is being attacked withing <<distance>> of you, you could instead choose to have those in your alliance as those who are chosen OR the range option. I think that would make this feature a bit more functional.
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    DTH-rw wrote: »
    Wrong forum this is battle pirates not war commander but i believe the ability to see your base being attacked is coming soon in wc.

    I was talking about Battle Pirates LOL you N00B
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  • kingj0n
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    notifications.. I think the person has to be ON for it to work.
    Not when they're away, it would use the radio system when they are on, not when they're off. Makes it hard to be sneaky.
  • Azazel
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    Mike Wood wrote: »
    this is NOT a smart idea on many levels. seriously what the hell are you guys thinking??? the servers barely hold their own as it is. now youre gonna let multiple players connect to the same battles?....gee how bad is the lag gonna be now....if this idea was to be implemented it should only be for FRIENDS ONLY. first reason is for the massive server lag. second, tactics. ok so now everyone is gonna know 2 things. 1. how im hitting a base or a fleet. 2. **** off a base or fleet if it has been difficult for them. I DO NOT PUT TIME AND EFFORT INTO PLAYING THIS GAME TO ALLOW 2 HR PLAYERS (THAT I DID NOT APPROVE OF) TO JUMP IN AND SEE HOW THINGS ARE DONE. THIS IS SERIOUS BULLSHIT.

    ps: the alert feature is also just dumb. all its gonna do is spam the comms. unneeded bandwidth on a useless feature. players need to play the game and PAY ATTENTION to whats going on. there are so many other features you could add to the game that actually makes t better to play....yet you do not add them. instead you leave things broken and unbalanced, yet want to add more crap features to the game. way to go kix.

    I agree with this %100

    You are ruining the game Kixeye. Fix the game and leave it the hell alone.
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  • willyoswilly
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    Sounds like most can't wait for this one...:p
  • Paranorm
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    Love this idea, and though I poo-pooed the privacy concerns in a previous post, I'll grant that people are pretty protective of their builds and tactics. So I wouldn't be satisfied with on/off. I'd like there to be separate on/offs for allies, neutrals and enemies in both fleet and base battles. Maybe a little much to ask, but it sure would be nice.

    As far as the concerns about bandwidth and server load go, it makes no difference to the wires whether they're sending map position updates or battle screen position updates. It takes virtually the same server time to calculate either of these and the same bandwidth to transmit them. Kixeye seemed to do pretty good with the last BI event as far as lag reduction goes, and that was with 4 people controlling ships on the same map. Much MUCH easier to simply view the data non-interactively, so I don't see lag as being an issue, especially if transmission is prioritized with the combatants at the top of the list.

    I'm personally tired of people lying in comms about so-and-so dying in their base at the first turn or getting into someone's base when all they did was take out a bunch of turrets and retreat at 1% fleet health. It'd be nice to be able to get the truth verified by others without handing out invites to a group page so they can look at BL screenshots.
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