you are lying about banning cheaters!!

Shah Ram
Shah Ram
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this guy named Ioannis (1709417) lvl 26

this guy is annoying me he's 24/7 online,after his attacks he goes to Dp immediatly without any damage in his base,this has been going on for more than a week

i've reported him 8 days ago,did it couple of days after that,did it again 2 days ago still he's on his cheats and stupidity

i can't play this game with cheaters annoying me and u just sit there not looking at my reports and check him out..

i know this post is not legal well if u could take his cheats take this too what's a big deal!

i don't know this game worth playing if 8 days is not enough for checking and banning 100% cheater
  • LarsB
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    if you reported him, you just have to wait for the outcome of the investigation....
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  • Shah Ram
    Shah Ram
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    stvie wonder would ban him without the need of investigations just by doing physical examination

    8 days still no response wtf!!sounds like he's cheating all of ya
  • DevilDog1775
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    I have a guy (Michael 127445) that is using cheat software that keeps him on line for 24 hours a day. When I first reported him, the knocked him off line and emailed me. Someone else must have been watching him and attacked before I got a chance to. I have since reported him 5 or 6 times over the last two weeks and support is not even sending me a courtesy email. I guess I may have to quit this game and delete my account.

    I really do not mind if I am attacked. Each time I figure out a way to make my base stronger. Besides that is a part of the game. I am level 27 and ready to quit unless something is done.
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  • Tom Borland
    Tom Borland
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    Please report cheaters via the support form, if you have already sent a form, please be patient as Kixeye has a backlog of support issues to deal with
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  • Q Rich
    Q Rich
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    Just because you think someone is cheating doesn't mean they are cheating. All reports are investigated, but Support are extremely busy and will get to your report as quickly as they can.
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